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    Cheap and reliable payment gateway

    I can absolutely help you with your payment gateway. PM me. By the way, bitcoin and paypal will not work for a tech support business. Guaranteed.
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    Matt Lloyd --- Anyone ever hear of this guy?

    I really hate to be a tattle-tale on the Matt Lloyd and his Mobe scam, but things just got more interesting. Last week, one of Matt Lloyd and Mobe's top affiliates claims Matt stole $60,000 from him! Finally 1 of Mobe's top affiliates has decided to speak out and the entire MLM and Biz Opp...
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    Does anyone use Udemy?

    I have collected about 15 udemy courses in the last 2 months. Some i paid for, some i did not. All comments above are accurate. I should also mention that what is really popular on udemy for sellers to do is create a course with 25 videos, and often the videos are less then 2 minutes long! How...
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    I need some fake reviews on

    I think i can help out some folks here. I have a four year, fully established account at Free lancer. I have over 55 reviews with a perfect rating. Perfect. I'n not looking for reviews. My account is already solid. Let me know what your skill is, I would consider bartering with you. PM if...
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    LinkedIn: recomendations

    I would like to know as well. I'm up for swapping recommendations with you or anyone who has reasonably decent LK account. PM me.
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    Youtube without being on camera

    This question posted by FestooningFlamingo was exactly what I have been wondering for some time now. Having said that, a shout out and thank you to Hekke for the 2 excellent examples. The owner of the surprise _ toys YT channel had 1 video made 4 months ago that got over 61 million views...
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    Willing To Split Earnings 50/50...

    I'm wondering if anyone who is "in-the-know" regarding profiting on youtube, will share with the OP and the rest of us some data on the type of profit some of the yt pros are making? I have had some video ideas over the past couple of years, but never followed through simply because I've...
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    I'm Looking for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with,,,

    kickapooh (great name btw) i'll have very similar needs to yours in about 40 days. All the best VPNs i'm familiar with have already been mentioned above. If you do find something that meets your needs, can you come back and post about it here please?
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    Accept Credit Cards Anonymously

    It seems that you are aware that you are running a big risk currently. IF your current provider catches wind of what your doing, they cancel your contract and blacklist your personal credit file. Yep, i have seen it happen. Business owners often have to take similar risks in this area, but...
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    FREE TOOL - [Facebook, Twitter, Google+] - The Best Social Marketing Tool - Markething.Me

    Great work OP! This is the type of tool I've been waiting for. I'm looking forward to hearing more reviews from the action takers on their experience with it.
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    Ultimate Social & Email Mass Account Creation System- Gmail PVA/Instagram/Pinterest + More

    This product should be avoided like the bubonic plague. It flat out does not work in 2014, and it had a ton of complaints when it first hit the market back in 2012.
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    Grab your Bitcoin Wallet name before someone else does

    I'd recommend avoiding registering trade marked company names though. The billion dollar conglomerates will easily ride roughshod over you, and grab their names from your possession without asking 4 permission.
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    The Biggest Scam In History

    Actually, with enuff bread you can buy a whole of politicians. I give full props to SeanAustin for exposing this scam. Maybe to alot of members here he was more or less sharing as a lot of us have been aware of this mega scam for many years. I follow it closely. But regardless, the 1st...
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    I need an ip rotator program

    Objecktiv, if you get a moment, can you update this thread letting us know what option you went with, and how it's currently working out for you? I'm asking because, i have the same needs, and i also wish to avoid HMA.
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    Need Simple PHP Script

    Part of the downfall of posting such a vague ad is that you are decreasing your response because it implies that you're not willing to take the time to write out a semi-detailed post. In short, many otherwise talented coders will find that offensive. If you make it easy for coders to get an...
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    I am confused abt CPA advertising - Please Help

    Raza, i can answer some of your questions. To begin, yes, there is a massive risk. Media buying is very dangerous. Each day that goes by, it becomes more dangerous. I'm not saying this to discourage you, only to ensure that you are aware of the risks. jimmylegs, above cautioned you for good...
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    I have an incredibly simple strategy that the OP could easily employ that will ensure they receive greater profits for their hard work. No tricks, and no games. Oh, and absolutely no cost to you either. None. If that is of interest to the OP, send me a PM, and I'll happily offer the advice...
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    Hello BHW Members My fisrt Day on BHW

    Samycodehack , a very warm welcome from all of us here at BHW! Take your time, read the rules, you'll be glad you did, have fun, and capitalize on what you learn here. Ciao
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    [ Hiring ] Coder Wanted for Bitcoin Script

    We are looking for a coder who is very familiar with Bitcoin. Recently we made a post to get Bitcoin consulting. That worked out great. A real BTC expert here at BHW was able to explain to us what we should be looking for. So here is what we are in need of currently: A simple Bitcoin script...
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    Hiring a Bitcoin Enthusiast

    Update regarding my post at the top of this thread: I am now looking for a talented coder that can help me produce a script - Bitcoin related. If that's you, please send me a pm and your skype. I should mention, it was a fine and knowledgeable member of this great forum who provided me...
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