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  1. Neptune's Kiss

    Sudden Ranked Drop? Google Algo Update?

    I am also in a similar situation. Old sites I haven't built links to in literally a year and content to in 6+ months are getting some traffic bumps.
  2. Neptune's Kiss

    [GET] RAIN of Expired Domains TF 5/14 DA 5/10 [WEEKLY / DAILY UPDATES]

    Link building for that one would be a joyous experience lol. I don't think i could resist making only naked url links or making inner page slugs super super long just so naked anchors are extra obnoxious. Good share though :)
  3. Neptune's Kiss

    Used RankerX & IndexInject but no back links are logged?

    Personally I use Eliteindexer with RankerX and stuff seems to index ok. Although there have been periods of time where it seemed like indexing was scarce for my RankerX links but not recently. Lots of potential factors here. Are you using the "premium" platforms at all or building T2/3? Also...
  4. Neptune's Kiss ✅ RANK TRACKER ⭐ Keyword Insights ✅ 7-Day Trial ⭐ COUPONS AVAILABLE ✅ Starts $3/mo

    Been using the service since Monday now. Thanks to @0verflow the quick communication/response. So far it is pretty good. Haven't been able to delve into the other functions a ton but they seem useful/interesting. I'll come back and give a more complete review once I am more familiar with the...
  5. Neptune's Kiss

    Shouldn't a 3 to 5 site PBN be somewhat safe from a penalty from Google?

    People will tell you it is a risk and they would be correct to some degree. I have been doing small, isolated cross-linking with the PBN for a few years now with no adverse effects. I definitely don't do that with all of the PBN but I like to keep things mixed up and different as it grows...
  6. Neptune's Kiss


    Amazing. This will surely provide me with minutes of quality entertainment and hopefully some super high quality images for my super high quality blog posts.
  7. Neptune's Kiss

    what indexed you use for gsa?

    They do indeed but I really have not used it recently or enough to comment on it. But if its a GSA product it is probably useful.
  8. Neptune's Kiss

    what indexed you use for gsa?

    I've been using eliteindexer recently and have had some decent success. However GSA will sometimes put some garbage in file it uploads to the service and that will eat up your limit so watch for that. Also I don't send every link built, just certain platforms. Check out this thread...
  9. Neptune's Kiss

    Your flash websites are dead.

    Bullet time fighting has a special place in my heart.
  10. Neptune's Kiss

    Link Building/Tiered Link Building 2019 vs 2014 - web 2.0, pbn's & more

    If you have the budget and the determination then I would make a good PBN.
  11. Neptune's Kiss

    301 redirect expired domain

    I don't know about the specifics exactly but I have seen 301's work when they are niche related and non-niche related. In my own experience I have only 301'd domains that I have had for a little while. I kind of just did it and didn't put too much thought into it beyond checking out the domain...
  12. Neptune's Kiss

    Do you still use Scrapebox for link building? your blog was making almost 2mil a month and you decided to send scrapebox links to it?!?! In any case if you are seeing improvements with removing those links then I guess keep doing it. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it.
  13. Neptune's Kiss

    Sape Links : Do They Work in 2019

    Not sure about ranking a FB page but I have seen other sites that have them do well in the past and somewhat recently.
  14. Neptune's Kiss

    new CTR strat !! sicko.. increase conversion.... if you have bad links theres still HOPE

    Keep it novel and keep up with the vernacular of the people you are targeting. If I'm being honest I clicked because of the word "strat" lol
  15. Neptune's Kiss

    Are these any kind of drugs that can fix my laziness?

    I went down the stimulant rabbit hole for the better part of a decade. All I will say is unless you have some type of super human control of will power it will probably fuck your shit up one day. The brain is goddamn powerful and its desire for the next dopamine hit will become a crux.
  16. Neptune's Kiss

    [Guide] HQ do-follow backlinks

    Good stuff tytytyty.
  17. Neptune's Kiss

    Ahrefs vs. Majestic RDs

    Thank you for your reply. My intention was not to be confrontational but to understand better. :)
  18. Neptune's Kiss

    Ahrefs vs. Majestic RDs

    these are all 3rd party metrics... please elaborate why "professionals" use those 2 and not Ahrefs and how you know this to be true.
  19. Neptune's Kiss

    Any suggestions for tools bro's

    You could also use scrapebox or a similar scraper. Scrape all the internal links or find a list of all/most of the pages and then have it look for all the external links on all the pages you found. Personally, I would just go the Ahrefs route as well.
  20. Neptune's Kiss

    How do websites inflate search volume for brand name?

    Those are 3rd party metrics. Take them with a grain of salt since they are basically just educated guesses.
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