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    Anthony Robbins - Skill Your Business Needs to Survive (U MUST WATCH THIS!)

    Cough dammit...FFS Goodness knows what price those people paid to hear this verbal squeeze page but I suppose fools and their money...

    PinPioneer - Proprietary Pinterest Marketing Software | 1000 Pins Uploaded Per Hour

    Hey Rickstar, pm sent ;) Update: I was kindly given accounts by Eric. Thank you so much. Rep and thanks given

    PinPioneer - Proprietary Pinterest Marketing Software | 1000 Pins Uploaded Per Hour

    I purchased this a couple of days ago and I have only just had the time to start her up. I guess I missed the free accounts offer so Where/who do you guys get your accounts from?. HOmER

    Lf cheap com domains

    I've read some shite in my life but this one wins. Well done son.

    PinPioneer - Proprietary Pinterest Marketing Software | 1000 Pins Uploaded Per Hour

    Purchased Transaction : XXXXXXXXXXXX6520635 Can you send me linky please. Ta

    Forums Black Hat Tools

    Are you using Firefox per chance?

    Akinator, the web genie

    Haha never seen that site. Tried twice and it both got Margaret thatcher and ally McCoist.

    [ASK] Amazon Seller

    No need to apologize. Do you want to physicaly sell an item or you want to become an affiliate?. I'm from the UK myself and affiliate with both UK and US.

    help! I dont have any dreams!!

    Maybe because I'm Scottish that if I ever came out with this nonsense I would fully expect a kicking forthwith. Life's shite son. Dreams are just that, dreams. You get back what you put in. Now to answer your question. First of all. Reach down between your legs. Do you feel 2 balls in...
  10. HOmERCIdAL

    [ASK] Amazon Seller

    I'm outside of the US too. It ain't the only one. Perhaps you can tell us what you know so far or perhaps give us specific questions.
  11. HOmERCIdAL

    NEW Apple Patent to disable cameras

    @imprint whilst I respect your choice of Apple over Android/Windows this is not about what's better although I suspect you deeply know and will rightfully justify your choice lol. Joking aside, what I did want to address is your comment that they have not denied your Liberty. That maybe...
  12. HOmERCIdAL

    WARNING ? Most viral video ever ?

    If I thought my eyes would grow back I'd rip them right out right now.
  13. HOmERCIdAL

    NEW Apple Patent to disable cameras

    You know I sit in the cinema nowadays here in the UK and I watch these adverts showing Cinemas in a derelict shanty town with a few people covered in cobwebs bleating on that Piracy is the death of Cinema. Families will disintegrate due to the fact they can no longer watch movies in a large...
  14. HOmERCIdAL

    **NOW** Leave GoDaddy for $6.99/year (FACT: GoDaddy Customers=SOPA Supporters)

    Namecheap and internetbs every day of the week for me.
  15. HOmERCIdAL

    Do you think penis enlargement stuff converts well ?

    Don't worry Afillix I am not English too!. In all seriousness, what more do you need Zebrahat to say. Yes its profitable. It's evergreen meaning there will always be men looking to enlarge their penis size today, tomorrow and the next 5,10, 15+ years. What Zebrahat has shown is that you...
  16. HOmERCIdAL

    Web Hosting you shouldn't buy!

    You should check these guys out: :)
  17. HOmERCIdAL

    Recommendations for UK hosts

    Yeah vidahost are great but I'm not sure they offer vps servers preferring shared/reseller and cloud servers instead. Could be wrong and cba to check as I have 8% battery.
  18. HOmERCIdAL

    What is your mobile OS?

    Android on my Samsung galaxy 3. Refuse to follow the herd and buy Apple however I hate the fact I'm probably surrendering all my privacy, being tracked every where I go. I purchased this phone solely on its hardware. My old HD2 is still the best phone I've ever owned. So easy to flash...
  19. HOmERCIdAL

    R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan

    Absolutely loved the film, one of my all time favourites. R. I. P big man
  20. HOmERCIdAL

    [GET] Graphicriver - Retro Badges - Faded Vintage Labels

    Nice share. I'll check this out after work today but they look fantastic.
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