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  1. Whookidive

    Asking for SEO "expert" advice/opinions

    If you have FTP access or know someone that has you could just add a RewriteRule in the .htaccess file. RewriteRule ^short-link.html$ /blah-b:ah/lolwut/wtfbbq/cchannel?id=99898
  2. Whookidive

    [GET] PingOTech Ping Tool

    Ping-o-matic isn't working for me either. Added title, url and rss feed and it keeps giving me ok:0 error:1. And in the extra field it's giving "unknown error". Thanks for the app though ;)
  3. Whookidive

    ######Professional and affordable xrumer service. Comprehensive packages.#####

    I ordered 5k verified backlinks a few days ago from thesilent and the service he provides was awesome. He answered every question I asked and provided me the report like he promised. I also counted the unique backlinks I had and it was more than 5k (so I got more than I paid for) Excellent...
  4. Whookidive

    What ACTION did you take today?Your Daily Diary.

    Today I got up, spend most of my time watching Lost and the world cup. Also tried to find some local niches to exploit using MNF. No results yet. Also attended a recorded webinar bleh but shut it down after I thought it wasn't something i'd do :P
  5. Whookidive

    $1230 Owed to Paypal, URGENT Help needed!?!

    ^ moneybookers, epassporte ftw! ontopic: I had the same problem as you now have, a negative balance on Paypal and I was like meh they can kiss my hairy white ass. Few weeks later (or even a few months) I received an official letter from them into my home mailbox to let me know that I need to...
  6. Whookidive

    Buy Traffic or Buy Scrapebox?

    I would go for scrapebox since it's something that's re-usable. When you buy traffic and the amount of visitors you have bought ended it's game over if you didn't make money. with scrapebox you can still keep on working on several sites ;) Also bought traffic is 90% of the time crappy traffic...
  7. Whookidive

    PayPal = Absolute bitch

    I quit paypal a long time ago when they decided to permanently limit my account. I was running a membership site and they thought I was selling pr0n -_- It's been 4 years now and every year I call them to try and get my account unlimited but meh, never works :P Ive been using a fake verified...
  8. Whookidive

    Traffic for your movie/tvshow site

    Thanks, it's a good method but how long does it take till they hit you with the banhammer? :P
  9. Whookidive

    Do you tell people about the money you make online?

    Had to tell my parents else they were thinking I was selling drugs lmao
  10. Whookidive

    Will i be sued by GOOGLE by using their name?

    Google will make babies with you
  11. Whookidive

    Four letters domains are up for graps

    I'm interested too, might wanna register a 4 letter domain name ;) has been regged today :(
  12. Whookidive

    Best Website Traffic...Cheapest Prices - up to 300K visitors...starting at only $5...!!

    The thing is people using these PTC sites (the surfers) mostly run several browsers (even with several tabs) which results in a website loading really slow which is why it's possible that their limited internet connection doesn't even allow all pages to load 100%.
  13. Whookidive

    3 PR7 and more Than 50 PR6 Pages for Backlinks !

    *poof* Did you just see how your karma flew away? =]
  14. Whookidive

    MAKE BHW HAVE A MONTHLY FEE! I'm Sick and TIRED of People Spying and Disrespecting BHW!

    Thanks a lot for the video. I completely agree that the guy on the other end of the phone call is a complete retard lol, this video really made me ROFL. Also looks like the guys from C2M are having a nice job :D
  15. Whookidive

    [REQ] Make /sell unlimited $100 facebook vouchers?

    Damn I just did it and now it's saying I have to re-enter the coupon because it's invalid and I can't find it anywhere :( :P Any help? :)
  16. Whookidive

    Easy $500 per day without doing anything.

    You definately need to blend in some legit traffic (or bought traffic) to get higher quality conversions. Try to make it look as normal as possible and then you shouldn't have any problems such as getting banned.
  17. Whookidive

    Please help me win a brand new MacBook! I'm a finalist plz vote no registr. needed!

    Done, hope you win this! I would be really happy ^^
  18. Whookidive

    how to make $100 fast and instantly...

    hacks for $100 instantly I think you are looking at the wrong forum here. Most money making scheme's require a certain range of time before you get cashed out. The only way you can make 100$ quickly is by offering your programming / web designing skills. Find 5 people, 20$ per person and you...
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