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    So... WHEN WILL I SEE TRAFFIC? (sorry for caps)

    When you do a web search, do you ever look at the results beyond the first page? beyond the top 5? Theres' your answer.
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    Reading bhw causing eye pain for me..what abt you?

    Black and yellow, black and yellow. Doesn't hurt my eyes but is still annoying ;)
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    Article Spinners for Mac?

    I am also always looking for tools on mac, and an article spinner would be great. I don't like running parallels since the crappy windows slows everything down... The best option would be probably getting a cheap ass laptop where run the windows programs..
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    Why is my site against the Google policy?

    You are not indexed in Google, hence they won't think you can bring quality organic traffic to the site, which is written in their TOS.
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    Can I host xrumer on my home PC?

    Xrumer uses a lot of bandwidth and this might become a problem with your ISP. If you are confident that this will not be a problem, then I don't see why you could not do this.
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    New Bot needed - Is This Possible?

    If they all are listed on the same webpage like this could easily be done even with a macro. If not, it could be more difficult...
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    What happened to the linkwheel?

    Lol this is the oldest trick in the book aka building backlinks to your backlinks
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    My first bot with imacros

    You might want to look at targeting the correct field with relative positioning TAG POS=2 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT: insert text before the field here TAG POS=R2 TYPE=TEXTAREA FORM=ACTION:/place.php ATTR=ID:ad_description CONTENT=Hallo This will tell your script where to start filling the forms...
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    Domain equals keyword phrase/question

    Based on my experience the sktool gives much more accurate data consistently than AWKWT. If I find a keyword that has 2000 searches a month, then rank a site #1 it will get approx 2000 visitors a month. For AWKWT the same keyword could have anywhere from 5000 searches to 20 000 searches...
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    iMacros for FireFox Coding Question - Run Macro Every 15 Minutes?

    If you need the same script to run throughout the day in 15 min intervals you can use this before the loop WAIT SECONDS=900 If you want it to be run once a week, I would rather automate the launch some other way.
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    Site still not indexed after massive attempts made (even with Scrapebox)

    You did everything except try to build one quality link to your site LOL. Submit an unique article to ezinearticles, infobarrel and you'll be indexed.
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    Should I change host?

    Your IP address makes a big difference in local rankings, but also does the domain name. If they already have the, the best thing you can do is to switch to a UK based host and it will make a difference. I have noticed significant improvements in local rankings by changing to a local host...
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    Anyone with a Maxbounty CPA account

    Heyy...... I've got MB. PM me! :)
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    Anyone with a Maxbounty CPA account

    I've got one too - plz pm me the info!
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    Cheapest place to buy new .com - Yahoo?

    Netfirms with coupon code dollardomain will be 5,99/year and free privacy...
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    Where's The Best Place To Register Six .COM Domains With Whois Privacy

    Netfirms with coupon code dollardomain is 5,99/year and free privacy
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    How to index all the posts?

    Build quality backlinks to all the posts and they will be indexed sooner or later.
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    A real success for search engine domination! Over 30k backlinks in less than a month

    Only proves that online SEO means sh*t - but you should have all know that by now.
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    Windows 7 better than XP?

    Best windows so far.. Runs nice and smooth on parallels desktop :o
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