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    Hubpages and Rss Feed

    Haven't posted on the site in a long time. I've been looking for a way to get a proper RSS feed from Hubpages or possibly find some blog pluggin that would automatically post to hubpages. Does anything like this exist? For the rss, I've found Feedity but for some reason doesn't work well with...
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    When can I make a new Paypal?

    There is no time limit. They keep all your info. You could open one up with your real info but eventually they will catch it. You could only go stealth unless you get the old account back
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    So Digital Point Is History

    Both sites seem to be running. They have an update on DP. They had some kind of server thing happen
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    Anyone have friends in ACN (MLM)?

    To syme00, I feel bad for your friend. As mentioned he made a mistake that many make. It has nothing to do with red apples, it has to do with not bothering people. You have to be smart and not piss people off especially your friends and family. To ThreadKiller. everyone keeps on mentioning the...
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    Anyone have friends in ACN (MLM)?

    I'm currently in ACN (about 1 year) with a family member. To get to the OPs question, your friends are doing things wrong from the start and you're right, they probably won't make money unless they change there ways. 1st rule is you don't constantly harass people. If they say no then you move on...
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    Ebay What's selling

    Sign up to terapeak. they have plenty of info
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    Beware of Paypal and Flippa

    If you do leave your account like some are saying, make sure you cancel any Credit Cards on file and close any bank accounts associated to it. They could try to take the money directly from them. It happened to me once. They charged my CC so i chargedback on them. Once I got my money back, they...
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    fast food horror stories

    This doesn't only happen in fast food restaurants but in restaurants in general
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    Wholesale Video Games/ Movies New Sealed WII PS3 XBOX

    I'm interested. I tried to PM you but your box is full. I would like to know pretty much what everyone else wants to know 1. Prices 2. Minimum Order 3. Catalog Thanks
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    PayPal limited with $14,000 in it, HOW DO I UNLOCK IT?

    someone replied that you should tell them you sold digital goods and there is no tracking. I strongly suggest you do not do this because you will never get your account back. If you need help send me a PM. 'll try to help you as much as possible but nothing is guaranteed. There is a very good...
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    PayPal limited with $14,000 in it, HOW DO I UNLOCK IT?

    The only thing you could do if give them the info they want or you will have to wit for 180 days and you will have to create a new account. BT even if you do give them the info they still might not unfreeze your account and they might terminate it for good without appeal,
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    auto blogging, is it worth to buy Wp robot?

    I like it. It's a good tool. It won't make you money buy using it and that's it. you have to find a away to make it work for you.
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    Pinterest is stripping Amazon Affiliate Links

    even though after 3 or 4 years on this site I still see myself as a noob. I just check my pinterest account and when I scroll over my amazon links, everything seems fine with my affiliate tag and everything. Am i missing something?
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    How to make a US based Paypal Account for non US

    Also i you plan to sell with it, they will eventually ban you since you will need a social insurance number with them because of new tax rules in the USA
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    pyramid schemes

    You guys realize that multi level marketing is tough in universities and is a legal way to market and sell a product? A pyramid scheme is illegal and you will lose money but not all MLM companies are a scam or a pyramid scheme.
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    So one of my paypal accs got Perma Limited

    You might be able to use the second one for maybe a month or 2 but eventually it will be linked and it will get permanently suspended
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    How To Make Using Blosgpot Pay Per Click ?

    This site is scammy. Signed up and when you ask to pay via check, you could only enter your name as info for a check. Nowhere to add an address for sending of the check. It even looks scammy. I'm trying it out just to see but I don't expect anything out of it. If I get paid will let you guys know
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    Paypal Question - Limitation and also Photo ID issue..

    You should be fine. done this many times. They don't bother checkign really. In about 3 to 5 days your account should be good
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    Brazzers Tour Party @ my place

    This is a funny post. I was actually talking with a friend to go down to the shore that weekend but plans fell through lol
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    I got scammed again. I need some ideas from you.

    I'm guessing this is considered a digital item. I don't think paypal covers digital items for Items not received, items not as described but not sure if Unauthorized items work. In this situation, they might ask for tracking or something which obviously doesn't exist. What you could do is send a...
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