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  1. oneder

    Lets kill some Google myth's

    Trying to fight Goog is a fools game. If you have nothing to hide then who cares anyways? It's a war you cannot win, better to use Goog's omnipotent power to your advantage. Remember, people all around us are banking with legit sites based on their personal passions without all this cat and...
  2. oneder

    Incansoft WEB 2.0 Bot

    WARNING: Don't spend a dime on this companies shit. How they are still in business is a mystery and a testament to the gullibility of newbs. The only good thing about their products is the price and the theory. The reality is that none of them work as advertised... STAY AWAY!!!
  3. oneder

    Important notice from google that every webmaster must read

    Absolutely but the karma part is crap meant to keep people in line. There is no karma, I mean look at what is happening in Syria and Afghanistan... The only karma is that humans can create a living hell on earth all by their own actions.
  4. oneder

    Fastest Way To Mak Articles???

    Your on the right track and it will get increasingly hard to get results from gibberish. If you put out crap, expect crap results. Even your spam today should be crafted meticulously if you want it to last or have an impact on your ranking.
  5. oneder

    The 'Best' Spinner Is Obsolete - Truth before you buy

    SpinChimp is a great piece of software. I agree TBS is crap and please don't give your money to that hack Jonathan Ledger, a crook if ever I saw one...
  6. oneder

    Looking for opinions on Ultimate Demon please

    Check out Scritty's stuff about Ultimate Demon here. He's a man you can trust:
  7. oneder

    Spinchimp - Why are people saying it's good?

    I love SpinChimp especially the interface. The Best Spinner while it has a decent thesaurus is a crap piece of software with frequent crashes and features that don't work. Most importantly, Jonathan Ledger is a dick...
  8. oneder

    Social bookmarking Top Sites In BMD ?

    Its got all of those...
  9. oneder

    UltimateDemon; what do you think?

    No major bugs and the developers are listening AND implementing requests from the users. For me I like developers of monthly pay software to interact with the users. These guys have impressed me. You have to get used to the interface, but it's pretty solid so far.
  10. oneder

    Google Webmasters tools notification of LOW QUALITY Pages

    How can a computer determine what is "low quality"? I've read plenty of articles on CNN that certainly qualify for that...
  11. oneder

    What To Use For Posting To Wikis?

    Also Sick Submitter with add on Wiki template, and Ultimate Demon now posts to MediaWiki.
  12. oneder

    BMD vs Sick Submitter Bookmark Submitter

    One thing to keep in mind is that Sick doesn't post to the quality bookmarking sites like Digg etc. It only posts to Pligg, Dugg and the like. BMD has about 100 of the better sites plus it can import Pligg and so on. If you're on a budget Sick is better but BMD is better if you can afford it.
  13. oneder

    Weird thing happening with 2 sites. is it PANDA??

    It's hard to say bro, Goog is shakin things up right now pretty consistently. I'm small potatoes and hope the best for you. I've had some de-rankings or penalties starting in October and it's been hard to recover but I'm pretty lazy so not a good example of hard work. Were you using any of the...
  14. oneder

    Weird thing happening with 2 sites. is it PANDA??

    I heard the webinar, it was with Lisa Parmley, who I trust is truthful in every way. The funny thing is is that she is banking hard on a handful of sites without all this blackhat nonsense, though she does some forced link building. She is downright wholesome, not in a warrior forum kind of way...
  15. oneder

    Wiki Questions

    I'm a little confused about Wikis and how to use them. I'm using Ultimate Demon at the moment and it posts to MediaWiki sites of which I've harvested a bunch. Wanted to add that these are sites, well at least two of them, that I want to keep long term, not hit and run sites. -Is it...
  16. oneder

    How many wiki's are enough to blast at once?

    You guys are sending Wiki link blasts directly to your money site? I thought that wasn't good practice. Are your sites affiliate blast and dash sites or long term authority money makers?
  17. oneder

    Has anyone tried Ultimate Demon yet?

    The Wiki module is already included. I bought into this soft and I like what I see so far. The import site module is a bit finicky but it filters out alot of crap so it saves time in the long run. The best thing about UD is the support and communication from the developers. They actually listen!
  18. oneder

    [FREE] Ultra Spin Article

    Read the rules bro...
  19. oneder

    Alternatives to Scrapebox and Xrumer?

    Not for Scrapebox as far as scraping. A poor mans scrapebox would be Sick Marketings free scraping if you're trying to scrape sites. Sick Submitter is a good cheap alternative if you're looking for an automated blog commenter and a forum profile submitter to replace Xrumer. The price is around...
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