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  1. AndrewTC

    [GUIDE] How to 10X Your Productivity - Get Less DISTRACTED and Become HYPERFOCUSED

    I love you dude! Just what I need lately. Lost my dream job last year, because I couldn't meet the deadlines, for whatever reason... Hope I'll be able to implement this in my every day. Maybe you'll see a Journey post from me in one year, haha
  2. AndrewTC

    Elite Ai Introduction

    Welcome! I'm interested in AI, so that's good to know. *fast forward 5 years, and we discover that this guy is actually an AI experiment
  3. AndrewTC

    social media marketing

    I was working as a video editor at a Digital Marketing Agency, that was testing TONS of different ads. We discovered that the best performers were the ones that didn't look like professional, high-production videos. Mostly it was UGC, people filming with their phones, reviewing the product, and...
  4. AndrewTC

    Ahoy amazing people!

    Hey, my name is Andrew. I've been a long-time lurker at BHW in my teenage years. Now, years and years later because of my job duties, I am back to this amazing place! :D Just in case - I am an Affiliate Manager at an online casino/sports betting group. We're looking for people all around the...
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