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    ➡️ Receive SMS online to virtual numbers ☑️ US, UK, EG, IN — and a lot of countries

    Is it possible to buy a permanent US number?
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    Link & coupon code please and is it possible to pay with Paypal?
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    What Will You Do When You Got The 533 Million Face Book Data?

    I will invite them to multiple facebook groups using their emails, and then promote some AdSense links on those groups.
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    If you could scrape data from any website, what would you scrape?

    We're in the same boat. I hope members here could help with useful ideas.
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    My scraping skill (leads) + your monetization

    Actually, I'm not good at marketing and I don't think I'll be able to sell the leads. If you or someone else can sell the leads we can coopertate.
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    My scraping skill (leads) + your monetization

    Hello, Currently I work as freelancer and I usually write scraping scripts for my clients to collect leads from various websites. I'm very very confident with my skills and I can scrape any website in large scale. I will scrape and collect leads (emails) and you'll have to come up with a way to...
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    How to create a new upwork account after the suspension of an old one?

    Hello I'm having a serious problem with Upwork. I had an account since 2016 and it was suspended in 2018 due to a really silly mistake I made. In 2019, I made a new account and I changed one letter of my last name. They accepted the account and I even passed the ID verification. After hitting...
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    Do you still live with your parents?

    Yeah! And I hope they live with me forever (yeah I'm selfish) and not wih my competitors (brothers).
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    Enroll in Almost All Udemy Courses for FREE

    I can't believe it but it works! Thanks a lot, man. I hope the lasts for 4 years as they said.
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    Extract / Scrape Google Events To Excel / Sheets

    I can help creating a scraper for it.
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    Whats something you've been procrastinating on?

    Write my graduation project's report. I hate writing!
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    Best Technical/Programming skills to learn for 2020s/2030s?

    That's exactly why I avoid getting in AI. OMG I hate maths.
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    $10 A day- Quiz Website

    Good luck Definitely following your journey as I think I do the same.
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    I will scrape anything on the web. You make use of it.

    Sadly, I'm good as a scraper but not as a writer. Thanks.
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    I will scrape anything on the web. You make use of it.

    It's highly competetive niche and also scraping aren't paid well as they are as eaey peasy tasks by clients. So I want to establish a good business with that skill.
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    I will scrape anything on the web. You make use of it.

    I'm offering my web scraping skill to be used to make money in some ways. When I JV with someone who needs that skill and have an idea to make money by scraping the web, I will definitely scrape whatever he wants free of charge and split the profit 50/50. Thanks.
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    I will scrape anything on the web. You make use of it.

    Hello, As in the title, I will scrape anything you need on the web from e-commerce websites to popular directories at any scale. Your role is to find a data source to scrape and profit from it. Maybe, scraping emails from business directories and spam them with some offers or whatever. I will...
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