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  1. TrafficGoldmine

    Best adults \ chat cam \ dating offers? has some good adult PPL offers. DOI & SOI. Other good converting offers for chat affiliates, but NOT CPL.
  2. TrafficGoldmine

    New Need Adult Webmaster Affiliate Program like mcashoffers

    try, and/or
  3. TrafficGoldmine

    Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.

    Good luck and safe travels on your journey! Keep us posted!
  4. TrafficGoldmine

    Regarding country specific Keywords

    Yes. 100%. Best of luck! :)
  5. TrafficGoldmine

    91% bounce rate ?

    How many users clicked the ad? 10? As not sure what 9€ equates to in clicks from FB.? If you had 1 lead from 10 clicks, keep it going! 91% bounce rate means nothing, if only 10 users clicked. Need at least 50-100 clicks to make good test. Possibly make your Bali logo larger as your over...
  6. TrafficGoldmine

    When to know if an affiliate offer worth to continue to invest in ?

    I suppose it would be all in the ROI. Has it made any money? Is it still making money? Are you asking if you should continue to optimize an offer that has never made money for itself? If its an industry that is still making money, but has gained in competition, I suppose it depends on your...
  7. TrafficGoldmine

    Amazon & Adult traffic (Redirected Domain)

    HAHA!! Not unless they are buying towelettes. If you are interested in joining an adult network, I know of one that can help you with your traffic and is able to expedite your approval process.... ;)
  8. TrafficGoldmine

    Amazon & Adult traffic (Redirected Domain)

    lol. i suppose anything is possible. but this also seems likely.
  9. TrafficGoldmine

    advice me about promote cpa offers

    start a social group that has interest similar to your affiliate product or service. what (product or service) industry are you starting with?
  10. TrafficGoldmine

    Create content through translating, is it good rewritting method?

    Ive recently been wondering/brainstorming about this subject as well. Not as much for an SEO boost, but merely for opening up our network to new affiliate GEOs. My fear is that I will get a bunch of new users that I cannot communicate with... But then I wonder if maybe using the ads in a...
  11. TrafficGoldmine

    How many products do you promote?

    Im always under the opinion of: the more the merrier... Lots of products mixed with some good niches, works for me!
  12. TrafficGoldmine

    need help

    What assets or skillz do you have? Do you own a web site? Do you have any social sites with followers? Do you belong to any interest groups? Usually new affiliates start in a subject they know something about or something else they learn is profitable from colleagues and are psyched to learn...
  13. TrafficGoldmine

    Adcombo newbie, pls help!

    1) Create your own domain/lander. Pointing to Adcombo ad. 2) Post gateway content on FB. Pointing to your domain.
  14. TrafficGoldmine

    What type of Affiliate site is good?

    Niche sites are great! But do NOT limit yourself! There is room for great performance and profitability in both. Starting with a niche may bring in those inquiring specifically for that certain niche, but being able to upsell other products or niches to that same shopper/user can set you apart...
  15. TrafficGoldmine

    In search of an affiliate network

    Check out
  16. TrafficGoldmine

    which affiliate for bulk spam

    Looking forward to the response from these threads! Hoping to hear back soon...
  17. TrafficGoldmine

    i search Amazon C.

    Groupon, ebates,
  18. TrafficGoldmine

    Looking for Display traffic - Adult/Mainstream

    If you have planned to promote adult offers choose traffic junky or traffic factory. Check this:
  19. TrafficGoldmine


    Why are there so many posts stating or even questioning this? How could dating die? Wouldn't that be the end of our us all? As for online or adult dating, it only makes it easier to get giggity giggity. So no, dating in no form is dead, not even to married couples. Also the online dating...
  20. TrafficGoldmine

    What would make you consider promoting a non-English offer?

    I would probably consider it less if it were a language I did not know, but I would consider it: 1) If I already had Spanish speaking traffic and wanted to monetize it. 2) If it was a horizontal market to goods and/or services I was already having success with. 3) Higher commissions are...
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