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    scrapesux :P jk
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    Life Style / Income / Black Hat % / Years / College Degree - Only Serious Replies Please!

    thumbs up to engineers :D seems like a lot of black hatters like engineering... and of course money since most of the top paid jobs out of college are engineering jobs
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    Self Learning - Xrumer

    bumpity bump
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    xRumer v Sick Submitter

    Ya you still do need to buy "packets" but they are called linkslist for xrumer instead of packets. Xrumer comes with hrefer which basically is a harvester that scrapes Google. I had Sick Submitter for 2 months... then I bought Xrumer and canceled my Sick Submitter subscription
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    xRumer v Sick Submitter

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    Self Learning - Xrumer

    I was self learning with Xrumer and I noticed alot of the "text before field" had characters that xrumer couldn't make out.... ( I'm talking about random characters ) ... are these foreign languages or are some of these captchas? But then captchas are images so I don't know if it would be...
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    Xrumer Self Learning Not Saving

    After I am doing editing xrumer self learning so that it recognizes more forums... it doesn't save. I closed it after working on it for 2 hours and when I re-opened it the changes I made were gone. Anyone know what is going on? Sometimes it would ask me to save the changes I made but now It...
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    week after - no result for Xrumer

    Ok, first off if it's been a week already and 0 are indexed there is a problem... It takes me about 2 days for the first link to show up from my xrumer blast...
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    ScrapeBox Training For Free

    Count me in too!
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    Extreme Basketball Training System ..advice pls

    i rank #2 for increase vertical :P like 5 uv's average daily, once I'm #1 for vertical jump ill probably make like a sale or two a month at the very least... :/
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    Come up with the funniest BHW meaning =)

    Black Hat Wins Good Game... It's All Over.
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    Simple But Effective Xrumer Linkwheel

    kind of confused :p want to explain more in detail what it does
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    How To Index Backlinks Quickly?

    is it as effective though alexa?
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    Xrumer Anti Virus

    ok so I figured out that those anti viruses dont support windows 2003... do you guys know any anti virus that supports windows 2003?
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    Xrumer Anti Virus

    Thanks for the feedback guys... for some reason i can't install any anti virus on my computer because it's not up to date even though it is... its a windows 2003 server dont know whats going on :/
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    Xrumer Anti Virus

    I noticed that programs like sick submitter and senuke can sometimes happen to come up on websites that have viruses on them so I was wondering if Xrumer needs an anti virus running the background in case. Does the same thing apply to xrumer as it does other programs?
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    Get Google to Spider and Credit Your XRumer/ScrapeBox Backlinks

    Does this work? I'm gonna have to test it... sounds like another great indexing method I can add to my list of methods :)
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