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  1. Nody Khan

    Is bitsafe safe for india

    Hello Friends, Is a good website for indian people? Is anyone using this platform for receiving and sending money? Thank You...
  2. Nody Khan

    Timing of Backlinks

    Hello, I am really confusing with regarding doing the link building I am working on a one-page website with an EMD domain. If I made a website today then when to start making a link building? Is there any issue if I am starting to make backlinks after directly to the next day. Is there any...
  3. Nody Khan

    Domain Extension

    Hello friends, Today i bought two domains with the extension of "" and "" I bought this domain because my keyword is available only with this extension. Now I am really confused is this good for SEO? Can I rank my website with this type of domain extension? ( I...
  4. Nody Khan

    Someone creating a comment backlinks of my website

    Hello Friends, Someone creating comment backlinks of my website. They created 1000+ Comment backlinks with adult keywords and still creating. What can I do in this situation? How to stop this kind of activity? My website was getting 2000+ visitors per/day and not all the keywords are...
  5. Nody Khan

    LCP and CLS Improve

    Hello, Recently I made a website that LCP and CLS are very low in mobile Please help me to improve these things I am using WordPress so if any best plugin available then let me know for improving it Please check the screenshot for a better understanding Thank you in advance
  6. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    I checked everything...There is a no any violation notice
  7. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    Have you submitted XML Site map? - Yes Submitted There is not any violation notice in bing webmaster
  8. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    Hello, My website was getting too much traffic from bing and also my main keyword ranked on 2nd position. My website ranked in 2nd position with the main keyword from the last 4 months but before somedays suddenly all my website index page removed from bing. If I search on bing like...
  9. Nody Khan

    About 301 Redirection

    Hello Friends, I have two websites lived For example, Now I just want to redirect only one URL "" to "". All pages are lives as it is. but just one URL redirects via .htaccess file. Please help and tell me the .htaccess code...
  10. Nody Khan

    Which is best way to redirect 301 ?

    There is a two way to redirect one domain to another domain ... 1. Using. Htaccess file 2. Using Change setting from the domain provider Which one is the best way of 301 redirections for SEO? After domain forwarding my old domain will stay indexed or not? Thank You in advance :)
  11. Nody Khan

    Is Domain Extension Good For SEO?

    Hello Folks, Before two months ago, I bought a domain for the ord exact match domain. After then I made many backlinks, web2.0, guest post but still the domain DA PA only 1 and not getting single organic traffic. I really confused about that so, my question is that... Is
  12. Nody Khan

    Issue Regarding Canonical Tag

    Hello BLW Friends, I am really confusing about canonical tag. I have two website website. 1. 2. My site has as canonical. This both site is mine. If I do the above thing then can I get negative SEO effects on the site?
  13. Nody Khan

    will this hurt SEO?

    Don't fully copy..At least spin article or hire content writer...
  14. Nody Khan

    Slashes in the Domain Names and URL or or What is the different? Which is a best for SEO? If my domain is "" but i am making backlinks without slash ""... is it good or not? Thank You in Advance...
  15. Nody Khan

    How to auto Redirect non-www to www In Blogger

    Hello Friends, Recently i migrate my website WordPress to blogger. My wordpress URL : My blogger URL : So, how to auto redirect "" to "" in Blogger Platform. My 100+ URL indexed with
  16. Nody Khan

    Is domain forwarding affect in SEO?

    I have exact match single page website and also i get good traffic on my site. But i want to forward the domain to another So, is it affect in ranking, traffic and indexing? After domain forwarding my old domain will stay indexed or not? while new website has not good content length compare...
  17. Nody Khan

    Can Ahrefs Detect Bing Traffic or Not?

    I have one website which getting 1k+ daily visitor 90% from bing and 10% from google So, ahrefs showing me only 91 organic traffic while i search. why?
  18. Nody Khan

    Can i Rank website with only Web 2.0?

    Can i Rank website with only free Web 2.0 with all index URL? If i will make content backlink from 50+ web2.0 then is it possible to rank site or not? Thank You
  19. Nody Khan

    Are Adsense Ads in the Dating sites disable?

    I Have one Dating site for online video chat, recently in my website ads is not showing So, what is the reason? Any Adsense policy update? or site issue? Thank You in advance Please help
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