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    It is really a need in linkbuilding to have a tool?

    Paid tools are always more effective than free ones, but if you are looking for free tools: Spinning: SpinerChief - it's free, it's quite similar to TBS. Article Directory Submission: ArticleSubmissionHelper- 126 quality article directories currently supported (104 submitted to automatically...
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    To Spin or Not to Spin? That is the questions

    I use SENukeX for the web 2.0, and then I blast them using scrapebox :D Yeah, SENukeX is a bit too expensive, there is a similar tool which I have recently heard of, it's called VenomSEO, you can teach the tool to do basically the same things SENukeX does and it's way more cheaper (57/month)...
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    Hostgator hosting is the best i registered a new account today!!!!!

    I have been using hostgator for a long time, and I agree with him, I also think that it is the best hosting service. Well, to be honest, hostgator is the only hosting service I have been using until now, but I can't think how could any other service beat hostgator. The customer support is...
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    13-06-11 | L1/L2 Anonymous Proxies (338)

    Hi everyone, thought about leaving something useful to the forum, here you are: 338 checked proxies, L1 and L2. Enjoy! L1 Proxies (259):
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    FREE SCRAPEBOX BLASTS - Free Blog Commenting

    Hi, this is still open, so if you want some free links, just pm me your url :)
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    FREE SCRAPEBOX BLASTS - Free Blog Commenting

    Hi, I have already got 5200 different comments to use with these blasts, so the only thing I would need from you is your url and anchor text (anchor text is optional).
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    FREE SCRAPEBOX BLASTS - Free Blog Commenting

    Hi, I have just pmed you all, I will include all of you on my scrapebox listing tests. Thanks, Juan.A
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    FREE SCRAPEBOX BLASTS - Free Blog Commenting

    Hi, I am harvesting urls with scrapebox trying to get new urls for my autoapprove blog comments list collection. I need urls to test the harvested lists, I could pick my own sites, but I thought, hey, why not share on bhw? :p If anybody want me to test the harvested lists with his/her...
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    Backlink to your money site?

    It's a link strategy, and it does give nice results. Creating bulk links to your "quality" links is great for obtaining link juice without leaving any footprint. Xrumer blasts and bulk blog comments aren't as effective as they used to be for main sites, it is now frequently used to give power...
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    Would this be considered black hat?

    Why don't you just create subdomains?
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    To Spin or Not to Spin? That is the questions

    For a 10 spoke linkwheel I usually write 3-4 unique articles and spin them to %70+ uniqueness using TBS. I usually add a video to all my web 2.0, this adds more value, I create them using Animoto. My web 2.0 don't ever get deleted this way since I provide quality unique content. I would also...
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    Best linkbuilding service or software

    You haven't tried any of the good softwares: - Xrumer - Senuke - Scrapebox - Article Marketing Robot (together with TBS) - Bookmarking Demon For backlink services: - Build My Rank - LinkBox - Article Ranks These are the top ones. I still consider UAW, Niche Press Platinum and...
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    .edu backlinks with no PR

    Although they are PR0, they are still useful, it's woth.
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    Proxies For Web 2.0

    The best Software for this is SenukeX, it automatically creates the accounts and submits your articles to web 2.0 properties, but it's quite expensive. Another alternative is XGenSeo, it's cheaper than SEnukeX, although SenukeX is the best tool to automate this.
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    Backlink to your money site?

    lol, sorry, I wrote that very rapidly. Just search in google "Massive Direct Scrapebox Blast on Brand New Website". It's the first one. The reason why I can't post the link is because BHW doesn't allow new users to post links. The results of the experiment done in that thread should...
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    Backlink to your money site?

    There was a test done by onther BHW member here, I am not able to post links since I am new , but you can take a look at the thread by searching on google "Massive Direct Scrapebox Blast on Brand New Website" It's the first one. He has achieved good results ONLY using spammy blog comment...
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    Software site submission

    Hi, I have got a list of 1200+ software directories, but I BHW does not allow me to post urls since I am new here, however I can send you the list via pm. I have been building some backlinks the same way, I usually make this with screensavers (you can buy one customed screensaver at $2 and then...
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    .gov and .edu backlinks

    They do give great results. I have recently scraped 50 .edu/.gov links (it was a mixure of do-folllow/nofollow, around %50 were do-follow), most of them were PR3+. These were links from blog comments. My test: I created these 50 .edu/.gov backlinks to a website which was stuck on #34 on google...
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    Best Backlink Software?

    It is believed that the best way is to do it manually Yes, manually is better...but only with those that aren't autoapprove ;)
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    Bookmarking Demon?

    Succes rate isn't very high, but still I consider BMD as an essential tool for my backlink campaings. You can easily create loads of bookmarks on just some few min, with a very easy functionality. It is the best bookmarking tool out there. Together with xrumer, scrapebox and senuke, you can do...
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