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    Crazy Customer. What do I do?

    Has this been a learning experience for you too? Did you know that GoDaddy would require him to wait two months? I think I would also be a bit fed up if I hadn't been warned before that this might happen, so is there no way that you can hand it back to him so that he can change password and...
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    Suggestion: 2 day ban for incorrect download link posting

    By the way what is wrong with anonymizer. I like it because I feel the link is safer. Is it just if it is not in code that there is a problem
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    When do new post counts get added?

    I know most places it is after you make a post and I know I haven't made that many posts but I started looking at my post count about a week or ten days ago and it was 14 then. I have made about 7-8 posts in that time and my post count is still 14. Is everyone's post count staying the...
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    Suggestion: 2 day ban for incorrect download link posting

    I did not realise there was a problem with using the anonymizer link. I think one or two people who give plentiful good download links use it so they might get upset if they are banned for a couple of days. At the same time if you want people to stop it would probably be the quickest way. I...
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    Aging Disgracefully: Rock Stars Getting Old

    Ah, seen better pics of Keith I must admit. People used to take the piss out of him years ago but now he just seems to be seen as a survivor - apparently belongs to a family with genes for a long life. He must be getting on for 70 now and as he's still knocking back the sauce, maybe he...
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    Aging Disgracefully: Rock Stars Getting Old

    but as I don't seem able to delete - my posts always stay at 14, any reason for that?
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    UK people being sued for uploading to torrents

    Well in the program they did point out that in order to really show that someone had done this, it would be necessary to inspect their computer. I think they thought they had found an easy and cheap way of stopping this. Watchdog also mentioned that one firm which had been suing people had...
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    UK people being sued for uploading to torrents

    Yes this was the very thing they showed on the show. People could just drive round with their wireless laptop and find unprotected ip addresses. He found 2 and went online using one. Anything which he then did would be put down to coming from that ip address.
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    UK people being sued for uploading to torrents

    Watching WatchDog here in the UK last night and people were complaining because they were getting legal demands for hundreds of pounds because their IP address was found uploading files to Torrents - these people didn't do it, someone was using their IP address. This was for uploading games...
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    Closing Off BHW From The World

    I think I agree with money to spare here. I would not want a fee and there is already a fee for the cookie stuffing forums or a number of posts to be made before entry to them. However, I imagine that if it was my forum I might wonder why I was doing the work of upkeep for no payment...
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    Teen Commits Suicide In Front On Justin.Tv Webcam

    I think there might be a danger that people might have thought this. However suicide does not fit into a 'scam' or 'prank' model. I don't understand how all this 'people cheering him' on went - like I'm imagining he heard them. I'm also imagining he was thinking - I will leave my fate to...
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    Teen Commits Suicide In Front On Justin.Tv Webcam

    Kinda of agree with this. Seems like he was making an enormous scream for help. I saw a program a couple of weeks ago about a boy who had killed himself at 15 (35 years ago) He had given several warnings as well and told people he was going to do it on the day he did. Funnily enough it...
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    U.K tax advice

    I would have thought if you had an accountant, he would be the very person to find all the loopholes for you - if not I would change accountant! ;)
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    Bookmarking demon BETA CRACKED

    Thanks for this but I have just received this message at mediafire and been unable to download. 'The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or...
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    MArkov script php

    Not knowing what a Markov script is, I did a search and came up with this one you may also like to check out. hxxp:// (do not know if I need to put this free page with xx ?)
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    Anyone had problems with Site 5

    Just to make this clear. I changed my email addy with them in March and am receiving emails to my new email address from them now, but the only way I can think of why I did not receive these emails is that they sent them somehow to my old address - unless anyone has any other ideas.
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    Anyone had problems with Site 5

    Thanks for letting me know your experience voxclan. Well it still isn't sorted and my site has now been offline for 72 hours!! and yes the problem is customer support. I have now found out that the problem seems to be that I have too many emails but as they well not let me in I cannot delete...
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    Anyone had problems with Site 5

    I have a few completely white hat sites with Site 5. I have one on personal growth all written by myself, not a private label paragraph in sight, which took years to build. Now they have disabled this site which was on the front page of google about no 5. If you try to get to it, it says...
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    Double MetaRefresh Generator v1

    In case you haven't worked it out yet, there is a captcha code towards the bottom of the page. Fill that in and send and you will get the download:)
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    I'll Share One of My Secrets Today...Inflate Traffic Stats (for just about anything)...

    I am new here and just want to say thanks for the original post and many of the replies. I won't get it done today, but another thing for me to study to try and find a way to make a bob or two. Many thanks.:)
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