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  1. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    No, I can not.
  2. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    :D You're right. I last created an account a year ago. Now it needs verification.
  3. RaHoorKhuit

    Is cloaking always working?

    Cloacking doesn't always work. Google moderators are developing their own methods.
  4. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    I'm afraid I can't share this. However, I can provide a verified Techsoup account in the future.
  5. RaHoorKhuit


    Welcome mate. Enjoy it :)
  6. RaHoorKhuit

    Summer or winter? What do you like most?

    Mostly winter.
  7. RaHoorKhuit

    Browser with different profiles

    You can try Dolphin Anty. They give 10 browser profiles for free.
  8. RaHoorKhuit

    Can I receive Google AdSense payments to someone else’s bank account?

    Last year this was possible. I don't know if any changes have been made recently.
  9. RaHoorKhuit

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome mate :)
  10. RaHoorKhuit

    Hello BHW.

    Welcome mate :)
  11. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    Methods are available. I was scammed before and then I developed my own method.I no longer create accounts. If you want to get an account from someone, be very careful.
  12. RaHoorKhuit


    Hello mate, welcome the BHW :)
  13. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    Yes you can use your non profit company. 1. You have to register with When your membership is approved, you will create a token. 2. Then register at using the token you received from Techsoup. 3. Google will review your information and...
  14. RaHoorKhuit

    Hello everyone

    Welcome mate :)
  15. RaHoorKhuit


    Welcome mate. I hope you enjoy :)
  16. RaHoorKhuit

    Google ads threshold

    Google Grant Accounts have a limitations. Ads do not appear on keywords where there is competition. I can easily create an Ad grants account. You can only advertise on one domain (association domain). They are much more rigorous in detecting cloackers. Accounts can also be easily banned...
  17. RaHoorKhuit

    Anti-detect Browser Error (Incogniton): ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

    This is a proxy error. Probably google domains are blocked.
  18. RaHoorKhuit

    Is it safe to run 5 IG accounts from the same phone?

    You can use 5 different accounts in same device. Its not problem.
  19. RaHoorKhuit

    How did you hear about BHW?

    I can't remember when and how I hear BHW. It was many years ago.
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