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  1. J

    Instagram & Parallel Space

    yea thats what I do at the mo was just wondering if I could do it this way! thanks for the info mate
  2. J

    Instagram & Parallel Space

    iPhone iPhone. Well ideally 12 but 8 would do for now.
  3. J

    Instagram & Parallel Space

    it won't work without that even with the change of sims? so youre saying Instagram can still track you even with a different IP and Parallel Space because theres something in the phone they can track. Whats VPs Cloning App?
  4. J

    Instagram & Parallel Space

    I have two Sims (e-sim and hard sim). Now theoretically if I just turn off and on airplane mode my ip will reset anyway but I'll switch between the two sims just in case. If I do that and use Parallel Space will my instagram accounts be safe or can instagram track it anyway? All of the accounts...
  5. J

    Make Money Using Chat GPT - $250/Week With This Untapped Technique!

    Thanks for the info! Maybe i'm stupid question but do I: A) Use the audiobook link of the specific book on amazon to make a new associates product link for each or B) Use the link your given by your bounty which goes straight to the audible signup homepage in Amazon Also doesn't ChatGPT cap...
  6. J — Influencer Search, Analysis, Outreach, and more...

    "All Scanem services have been discontinued permanently"
  7. J

    Paypal Phone Number

    you can turn off 2fa in Paypal
  8. J

    Paypal Phone Number

    I used smspva like curdoc suggested!
  9. J

    Paypal Phone Number

    thanks all! managed to sort it.
  10. J

    Paypal Phone Number

    So cant seem to get any Phone number to work with PayPal anymore. All VoIP's and Google Voice doesn't work, anyone have any other way of doing it without a getting a burner in the states? (expensive flight :D)
  11. J

    Instadub - Desktop Instagram Automation Bot

    Does this still work? ive been having troubles with automations and finding proxies that work with them
  12. J

    Testing Creative Instagram Strategies

    how's it going?
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