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    Auto content grabbing solution

    hi, I searched all over the forum for some autoblogging plugin to get fresh content from rss feeds and stuff but i found nothin , all are crappy tools that don't work So , would anyone please post a download link to a plugin or something that works and that can really make my blog Auto thanks
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    YouTube Sending Limits

    hey , This is for all the blackhatters who are exploiting YouTube , these are the sending limits to keep you safe and to avoid captcha YouTube's Sending Limits ? Friend Requests: ~960 per day ~40 per hour ~1 every 1 minute 30 seconds (on average over the course of 1 day) ? Messages...
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    [GET] Google Instant Scraper

    any clean version
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    Youtube commenter bot - Jubimator

    i am really interested too and i suggest you add a voting feature too
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    BHW Fool of the Day

    i like this court
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    Quick Money !

    yea sure
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    So I'm making 20k a month (continued)

    It's true im not a big ********ing money making machine , I ain't making 20k a month , I ain't Mr,OhShitThisDudeRocks , But i know one thing , realestate REALLY is very good investment , that shit is always getting more expensive!
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    Google Instant - What you think?

    yea yea , it's ok , im not a big fan of google at the moment , they keep saying " we'r sorry " everytime i search for something
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    how to get the maximum exposure for my article ?

    yea , i know that trying to bump views in ezine articles don't work anymore , so , any other tips ?
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    how to get the maximum exposure for my article ?

    hi i do article marketing and i was wondering how to get the maximum exposure for my article ? thanks
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    How much are you currently making on CPA?

    hi , If i wanted to see people saying just " I made$$$ today " , then i rather go see it here : leadThis is BHW for god sake , share some more info with us !
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    how to see REAL position on google?

    Hi, I've been there before and I've already started a thread here asking the same question anyway, Here is what i found best so far , check it out :
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    Social Bookmark Service >> $8 for 125+ submissions

    Review ordered 125 package and got it dellivered very soon , great professional work , he overdelivered , and i recommend this service for anyone who only want the best , I will order more soon !
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    Backlinks indexed But ...

    i gave them so much time , I can see all the other backlinks indexed in yahoo explorer within hours , but the backlinks that i've built using xrumer never get indexed in yahoo explorer even tho they are indexed in google but that doesn't matter since none of them is counted as a backlink for my...
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    How To Index Backlinks Quickly?

    I need a Free tool
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    Backlinks indexed But ...

    hi, I got 300 backlinks indexed in google The problem is , i don't see them when i check my backlinks in yahoo or in , i've waited almost a week and still nothing , 300+ backlinks indexed and 0 backlinks for me ! What might be the problem ? Btw , the backlinks are valid...
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    Mass index checker ?

    Yea , i guess you guys are talking about buying scrapbox , I need a free tool I downloded scrapbox index checker from here : here is what i get : So , again , Anyboby know a free tool that does what i need thanks
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    Mass index checker ?

    I can't manualy check 100s of urls , like putting " inurl:url " 100s of times in google , first , that will be so boring , second , google will stop me after a while and i don't think you understood me , the urls are not from my website , they are backlinks , so , your trick won't work thanks...
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    Mass index checker ?

    that's what i wanna know , i need to know if googe indexed my backlinks , i need a tool where i put my url list then it tells me wich ones got indexed and wich didnt and thanks but i don't think wat u suggested is a good idea , because even tho my some of my backlinks got indexed , i still cn't...
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    Mass index checker ?

    anyone ?
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