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  1. havingadabble

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] — Every BHW Member gets Access to the Festinger Vault with over 25K+ WordPress themes and plugins for FREE! !! ❤️

    Why not ask for an account? Martin is giving away free access and you could nab it that way (plus 9 other d/ls of your choosing).
  2. havingadabble

    ███ Premium WORDPRESS Websites❤️E-Commerce ⚡ Android & IOS App✅Awesome Designs✅Revisions & Support✅

    Can I see sample please for construction industry or similar?
  3. havingadabble

    GetReviews.BUZZ - GET HQ Google Local Guide Reviews & MORE! Reviews From Localized AGED Profiles!

    Hi, do you have any real estate / construction review samples - based in Ireland if possilbe
  4. havingadabble - Your Source for Premium Content

    Interested in a review copy if still available - looking to update some website copy
  5. havingadabble

    Done For You Social Media Content Creation and Posting for Only $89 a Month!

    Hi there, Could you send any samples of local business in home improvement / construction niche please?
  6. havingadabble

    *Amazing WordPress Website creation Service Including Affiliates - ad sense - eCommerce etc **

    Order placed for WordPress site in construction niche, goldservice is friendly and professional. Will let you know how things progress.
  7. havingadabble

    [MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] Let Me Find You the RIGHT Keywords to DOMINATE your niche

    Hi there, Order placed for 1 x Gold Package Trans No. 6SD87138B52661445
  8. havingadabble

    I've found a BHW account for sale

    Grabbed the screenshot - I'll get in touch with Apricot now. Thanks @Skyebug77
  9. havingadabble

    I've found a BHW account for sale

    As above, I'm just wondering who to send the link to or do I just post it here? I've looked through the T&C's here but can't find the info I need.
  10. havingadabble

    Wanted: Dropbox

    Hey OP, I sent you a PM about this
  11. havingadabble

    Niche/Keyword analytic Tool

    Hey OP, have you looked at Market Samurai? Whilst there are better tools out there, they have a free trial available on their website: When you're finished the free trial then follow the instructions here to start a new trial for free...
  12. havingadabble

    Best Books on Internet marketing and Internet Business

    +1 for Cashvertising
  13. havingadabble

    Longtail Pro for $ 47 + Platinum for $ 1 (for one month) $ 17 p/m or lifetime for $ 197

    Hey packzz, I had to open a ticket to get my license key as well as it didn't come with the original emails: It arrived shortly after - let us know how you get on though.
  14. havingadabble

    Longtail Pro for $ 47 + Platinum for $ 1 (for one month) $ 17 p/m or lifetime for $ 197

    I understand your concerns , It's never caused me any issue in the past - maybe I've been lucky!
  15. havingadabble

    Free Lifetime Fuckbook Offer Question

    Have you spoken to the AM at your network?
  16. havingadabble

    Longtail Pro for $ 47 + Platinum for $ 1 (for one month) $ 17 p/m or lifetime for $ 197

    100% - purchased last night mate try it yourself
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