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  1. eelajt

    SpamZilla - Search Millions of Domains with Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush & SpamZilla Data!

    Send me the discount code please :)
  2. eelajt

    Name the food you can't finish

    Eat the apple in the store, solved.
  3. eelajt

    Your Favorite Stand-Up Comedian

    Mike Birbiglia, John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Jim Gaffigan, Neal Brennan, Rory Scovel, James Acaster, Greg Davies, Tom Segura, Bert Kreischer.
  4. eelajt

    [Nargil's Premium Domains] - For Money Sites & PBNs - 1000+ Satisfied Customers

    Just bought a domain from Nargil, quick and easy, very good service!
  5. eelajt

    How did you make your first 1000$ online?

    Url shortener + image links for porn torrents. Had a good 6 months before those kind of links were banned. Actually surprised me that I made a few thousand on such spammy work.
  6. eelajt

    7 lessons that people often learn too late in life.

    Yup. I wonder if he used rogaine...
  7. eelajt

    High Authority Multi Pages Web 2.0-V2

    Review Order Placed :)
  8. eelajt

    Pay your taxes black hat members..

    Well, not free but available to all and funded through taxes ;)
  9. eelajt

    Pay your taxes black hat members..

    Income tax at 23%, corporate tax at 15%, those are as low as the US. Come here to Sweden if you wanna get brutally robbed by the tax man. Half of everything I bring into my company goes to taxes and fees.
  10. eelajt

    Cryptocurrencies aren't anonymous anymore

    Bitcoin has never been more than pseudo-anonymous. On the other hand, people will ALWAYS find a way to circumvent whatever actions nations take trying to control any form of technology.
  11. eelajt

    What is the Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2018?

    Oh, the daily "how do you rank websites in current year" thread, amazeballs.
  12. eelajt

    Cryptocurrencies for passive income?

    Only way to passively earn is through mining, bitcoin or ethereum for example. But even then it's not guaranteed that the price won't drop. Crypto is one of the most risky investments at the moment, you can't get a safe "side income" just by buying a coin. Or by buying stocks/currencies either...
  13. eelajt

    How much this domain is worth

    If you think you can improve it and raise the monthly income then it's worth whatever $100-$200 it's overpriced. Might not be the best deal but if you can make it a good income (with profit) for yourself then the purchase price is irrelevant.
  14. eelajt

    What cars did you own?

    Are you hacking us, @F4lken? :p
  15. eelajt

    Are People Getting Dumber? Latest Social Media Craze

    When ***** memes become reality.
  16. eelajt

    New Coin Listed in Binance-Looks Great Too!

    Going in for a couple grand now at $1.55. Feels like a viable long term coin.
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