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  1. nilkam

    [email protected] send me $689.99 Invoice by the name of Apple Los Gates

    not only this email but paypal is the scam
  2. nilkam

    Got scammed using crypto, can I get it back?

  3. nilkam

    Receiving payments from India

    you can use
  4. nilkam

  5. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    I'm selling digital goods and services and do not sell physical products. And Unauthorized Transactions and Items Not Received. these two kinds of claims cover in seller Protection if you have proof of delivery AND like I tell you when you get a second-time dispute Paypal always favors on...
  6. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    no, it not a service not delivered it opened with unauthorized transaction
  7. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    You are right. No one but it's bullshit that Paypal tell everyone to that credit card company make a dispute for transection just see, the first time when the client opened a dispute, It got in my favor because I submitted all proof but the second time, after 20 days, they directly changed...
  8. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    thank you and the most fantastic thing is all payments already been withdrawn and got into my bank sad that I lost my account
  9. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    yes, you are right crypto is the future. and thanks to God all money was in my Bank before this shit happens
  10. nilkam

    PayPal Fake Dispute Scam

    Just Like the title say I got a victim of PayPal Fake Dispute Scam Story of my sadness I Messaged to PayPal Team So guy PayPal Team trying to say to me that all Dispute managed by the credit card company and they are no seller protection thing in Paypal and he doesn't care even seller...
  11. nilkam

    Bitcoin just hit $19k!!!

    time to buy
  12. nilkam

    Best Way to Manage Multiple Telegram Accounts?

    sorry I don't know about IOS you can try it on your PC by installing a PC emulator (memuplay) and using this APK
  13. nilkam

    Best Way to Manage Multiple Telegram Accounts? for pc install create mobile emulator install...
  14. nilkam

    Crypto wallet help

    is this possible to hack the account??
  15. nilkam

    Bulk whatsapp group scraper, where i can find the group?

    you do not find it anywhere create your own group and add us members that's an only solution
  16. nilkam

    Where to buy Non Drop Telegram Group Members

    scrap group *- filter with offline members and add that to your group and done don't buy from SMM they say non-drop but after 2 or 3 days later they start to leave
  17. nilkam

    Telegram scraper and adder software?

    TG MULTI BLASTER TOOL is the best
  18. nilkam

    Can you get fined/jail for sending mass messages on Instagram?

    yes, they will throw your account into the lifetime prison of Instagram jail.
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