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    ✅ Static Residential Proxies ⏩ Tier 1 ISPs ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Private Proxies Only ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    Do you offer trials by any chance? Free or paid is both fine.
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    Building a 4G mobile proxy farm.

    Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Update After a busy week my partner and I found some more time to work more on this. We've decided to try the t3 stack to build this out instead of going for the usual python backend. We are using drizzle instead of prisma but...
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    Instagram F/U automation android app?

    From what I've seen fire departments should be given a heads up before trying to scale on real devices haha
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    How can we monetize shorts?

    Check out RayWilliamJohnson on Youtube. I think he currently has the best approach towards converting short views to longform.
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    Free Instagram automation tool that does follow/unfollow ?

    I can recommend GramAddict on github. It's free to use and has worked great so far.
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    IG Ids Using Big Meme Pages/Babe Pages (OFM)

    You can check out the marketplace there are people who are selling IG babe pages. You can use those to grow other pages.
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    Instagram F/U automation android app?

    Check out GramAddict on github. You can run it from your phone as well.
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    [JV] My German 4g mobile proxies + your monetization

    I have recently set up my own 4g mobile proxies and am looking to partner with people that have money-generating use cases for them. The proxies are based in Germany and have speeds of around 15-25 Mbit/s. If necessary the speeds can be increased. I am open to anything other than illegal...
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    Building a 4G mobile proxy farm.

    I have no idea to be honest. I myself am still trying to gauge the actual demand for mobile proxies. The software has worked like a charm so far. The documentation is solid and has made setting things up a breeze. The cost is also negligible compared to the sim costs.
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    Building a 4G mobile proxy farm.

    Inspired by a recent discussion on this forum I am looking to build a 4g mobile proxy farm. Primarily, I am doing this for my own botting/scraping purposes but I figured if I am doing this anyway I can look to sell these as well. Where I am at: I have decided that for my setup I am going to...
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    For ease of use I have just started using proxysmart. It's well documented, cheap and easy to use. I can only recommend it so far. Thanks a bunch. Looks like I'm ready to give it a go :)
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    UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany mobile proxies from £35/month | ✅ 4G & 5G | ✅ Unlimited | ✅ Dedicated | ✅ API Rotation | ✅ All networks

    I registered for an account at and have requested my trial via - please add my trial credit instantly by validating this unique code GPBHW-E9x2HXhO-BHWGP
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    I have recently been getting back into Instagram botting. Last time I was involved in 2017.... oh how times have changed haha. I'm also doing a lot of webscraping currently for a gen ai project that a friend of mine and I are working on. As mentioned above my office internet is terrible and we...
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    Hahaha. Thank you for this. I feel like I am too stubborn and am about to make the same mistakes you have already made along the way. I guess I'm just better off listening to you. Anyway, for now I'll start by using dongles. I am a little annoyed that I can't get better speeds on my dongles...
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    Ahh good to know. I was wondering which modules would be the least amount of headache. Could you tell me which modules exactly you are referring to? I assume they are either cat9 or cat16 lte?
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    Something like this for example...
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    Need advice for setting up a big mobile proxy farm

    @lucky.sparks Have you by chance ever tried working with M.2 modules directly? I've been able to find modules that come attached with a usb adapter and offer cat9 lte for <20usd. Not sure if it's worth the headache though?
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