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  1. Waifu_tatyana

    Be wary while availing any service from Sparrowhost

    I came across a .org dropped domain which was not available for registration anywhere but on this site called (listed on But right after registration and payment my registration was abruptly canceled and when I created a ticket the support guy immediately addressed...
  2. Waifu_tatyana

    [Free] Canva Pro team invite

    This one's full too :( can you send a new one please. Thanks
  3. Waifu_tatyana

    ♛⚡Kingdom of PREMIUM BLOG NETWORK⚡♛ DA ⏩ DR ⏩ RD ⏩ TF ⏩ AGED ⏩ ALL IN ONE✅ Massive Impact ⚡JUST $5/post

    Review time: I received 2 links on aged DA 30+ domains as part of review copy from OP. The site's metrics are as advertised with DA 30+ but DR is still 2 for both the sites. Both sites are indeed aged domains and have okayish backlink profile. The article quality on both the sites are...
  4. Waifu_tatyana

    Two automated, non-aggressive sites

    So like text aggregated article site. No citations to the original source? What percentage of text do you take from each site?
  5. Waifu_tatyana

    New page goes from page 2 to... nothing?

    Normal SERP dance. Even my aged domains have posts and product pages hopping in and out of top 10 daily. Worst case scenario that page of yours is dead until next core reranking update.
  6. Waifu_tatyana

    Network Solution is the worst registrar in the internet.

    Why do you guys bother with these unheard of registrars and host providers in the first place? You're trading those 2-3$ registration discounts with lack of security and transparency. Always go with the established names for serious projects, might be costlier but way less headache.
  7. Waifu_tatyana

    Can .it TLD rank outside Italy?

    Thanks but I didn't go through with that project.
  8. Waifu_tatyana

    ☣️⚡Get to Know ███ How Premium Traffic Link Guest Posts Work in 2024⏳⚡️DA30+ & Minimum Traffic 1k~737k @ $38.99/link⚔️Tap the Title for Coupon Code⚔

    Review: Received a DR 35 backlink from a decent enough general niche site with 10k+ traffic from OP as part of a review copy. Although the site seems to have been hit by some algo penalty since it's lost its traffic from 4mil to 10k in a matter of months. The content written for the article is...
  9. Waifu_tatyana

    Where to find best websites provide cheapest VCC for SEMrush verification purposes?

    Do you accept PayPal or credit cards? I don't do crypto since it's restricted in my country.
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