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  1. digi robot

    [Question] How Many Linked-Post Pins Per Day?

    Pinterest accounts is a few years old and lates pins are getting thousends of impressions. But I claimed my website there just today. Do I need to wait a few days to post linked-post pins? How many pins I can post with the same link per day? And how many pins per day linking to my website?
  2. digi robot

    [HELP] A new Site on Same Host Where Other Sites De-Indexed

    So I have 2 sites hosted on same Namecheap host and site 1 is fully de-indexed by google. seems like adding good content doesn;'t matter. Site 2 - some links are indexed but no any ranking. no new indexes. My question is if I hosted a brand new domain on this host can the above bad sites affect...
  3. digi robot

    [[ Adsense / Ezoic ]] Ready Micro Niche Website Just $25 !!

    accidently posted here instead of DM.
  4. digi robot

    [Giveaway] Free Access to ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 3, DALL-E 3, on Android ☑️

    Is this claude latest version or the free model?. Seems good. Just going to register
  5. digi robot

    13 Social Sharing sites to DOMINATE Google's Social Ranking!

    Seems like a good method to get my posts crawled and indexed. Thank you.
  6. digi robot

    What is the AI style of this ig

    Use Midjourney /describe option
  7. digi robot

    [help] How To Remove 'Crawled Not Indexed' Links from GSC?

    Thank you for the info guys. I just used the gsc removal tool.
  8. digi robot

    [help] How To Remove 'Crawled Not Indexed' Links from GSC?

    I have a new blog (a few months old). google deindexed all the pages (except the homepage) bcz it's kinda low value. Then I deleted all those content pages. Then started to write more valuable content with a better plan. All the pages I deleted showing as crawled not indexed in GSC. can I...
  9. digi robot

    (Journey) Testing Money Making Methods shared on BlackHatWorld for FREE

    just read the jorney. As the big G acts like a psycho im looking for other methods to earn money. And affiliate markeing on Medium seems good. Thank you for the info shared here. just my thoughts about your niche: May be you can try some niche that get FOMIO easily. health, finance. Just my...
  10. digi robot

    $100 per Day Tiktok Dropshipping case study with training videos

    I want winning products list and premium muztrends Bonus
  11. digi robot

    [Journey] Growing a niche website from scratch with Pinterest as a main traffic source. [Goal: 10m+ monthly Pinterest views]

    I am pissed at big G a month ago when they tanked my 2 new sites. since then I was planning for non google traffic like pinterest, tik tok and FB. I've published some pinterest worthy posts on one of my blogs. Then tried pinning them on P. but in the second post pintrest flaged my site as...
  12. digi robot

    Facebook is down?

    Yah all down. Thought I was hacked too. Haha
  13. digi robot

    [Freebies] Canva Pro Team Link - BlackShadow

    Count me in. Will DM. Tq
  14. digi robot

    Freebie - Youtube Shorts video any niche - up to 15 sec

    Sending DM. Even if im below the 20th.
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