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    Hello World

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    I recommend you to research this, which varies in colors from sector to sector.
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    The Impact of AI on Graphic Design

    Designing with artificial intelligence is now easier
  5. Gess

    Do you use Canva?

    I've never used
  6. Gess

    Hello Im newbie

    Welcome to BHW
  7. Gess

    Figma / XD / PSD

    I've never used Sketch, but it's in my plans. :)
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    How to build a career in the world of graphic design

    Determine which area you will focus your work on. web design, social media, videography...
  9. Gess

    Figma / XD / PSD

    What tools do you use for the interface? My choice is figma. Figma / XD / PSD
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    Hello World

    Welcome mate :)
  11. Gess

    Hello everyone, good forums...

    Thanks for your nice comments:)
  12. Gess

    Hello everyone, good forums...

    Hello everyone, good forums... We work in the field of UI/UX. We've been thinking about joining you for a long time, but we've only just been able to join. I hope we all have a good time together :)
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