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    ❌ 40% OFF ❌ 10 YRS of Being Backbone of SEO Agencies ⭐ Be A Top Contender with⭐NICHE GUEST POSTS⭐ 20+ DA & TF ⭐

    This looks great. I'm a Betarank customer, and would like to try this. Send me discount code please.
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    [Beta Rank] Most secured Homepage Blogposts in BHW for Instant & Constant Ranking at $2

    So I ordered, but I missed out generic anchors. Can you add generic anchors to my order? Thanks.
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    [WoW Links] NICHE TARGETED HIGH PR PERMANENT Homepage Posts 100% Unique Content3 CMS

    Will I get my report soon? 4R813807N06584434
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    ScrapeBox Google Passed Proxies ScrapeBox Scraping Proxies - Gscraper/GSA -

    Interested in this service. Please send trial proxies.
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    Real Facebook Likes For Sale

    Tried out the smallest package and got overdelivered. Satisfied with the service and will order a much larger package.
  6. bluemagic

    New to Membership Sites

    Optimizepress or Kajabi will be the best for you!
  7. bluemagic

    Thinking of buying a VPS. Need advice

    RAM will be the most important. At least 1 gig will do.
  8. bluemagic

    Which is the best tool for finding Profitable Keywords and Micro Niches?

    I tried MS, Long Tail Pro. I went with SECockpit.
  9. bluemagic

    Getting Jr.VIP was the best thing I did!

    May need to paint skin blue too and join the blue man group.
  10. bluemagic

    Floating Sidebar WP Plugin

    Here's a nice little WP plugin that I use that I want to share: It makes your sidebar widget follow your visitors while they scroll up and down the page. Good for opt-in forms.
  11. bluemagic

    What's the best for clickbank normal blog or 301 refresh meta ?

    I use 301 redirects. You have to add this line in your .htaccess file: redirect 301 /link URL Where link is the redirect url and the URL is where you want to redirect to.
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    New Kick Ass Link Crawling & Indexing Service, Exclusive Prelaunch Offer!

    I've been a member for a few months now. It's been working well. Keep up the good service!
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    Google WonderWheel Scraper Version 2 !!

    I highly recommend this software to anyone looking for a keyword research tool.
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