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    Man I really hate people

    I hate the Jersey Shore as well. I particulaly hate it even more when I learned how much money these useless bottomfeeders make per episode. I try my best to donate to charity in order to not accumulate enough bad karma, because I honestly despise the human race. Soon we will have to face up to...
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    Facebook is trying to trademark 'face'

    "face", as well as "book", are both generic English words. Zuckerberg and co can go and fuck themselves. This is bloody ridiculous. :puke: P.S. - any self-respecting judge who even entertain this barrage of nonsense should be dismembered. Facebook is starting to annoy me with the constant...
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    BHW destroyed my career! Help me!!!!

    This is a great opportunity to attack you for either one of these charges: 1. Your poor English. 2. Your lack of insight, responsibilities and/or priorities. 3. Your victim mentality. 4. A grave overestimation of your intelligence and capabilities. But we're not going to do that, we're...
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    Am i evil?

    No, in fact I find this be deliciously interesting. I would love to join you in slaughtering wasps... I was stung before when in the backyard. They're not bees (who are dying), so why not? Let's commit genocide against wasps. Wasps...mosquitos...flies...all make me go psycho. ESPECIALLY...
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    BHW Member you would like to meet in real life ?

    The owner of DP. I know his bald-headed self is a member on this forum.
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    Best City to live in?

    New York City I looked at some pictures of Los Angeles and it looks like everyone drives Lambos and Escalades... looks way more expensive than NYC, but NYC is the best.
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    [] What Song is Stuck in Your Head Right Now?
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    Mel Gibson - Crazier than the first tape

    Put him away for five years in the least, this will give Hollywood a chance to consolidate the destruction of his entire career. If he's still alive in five years throw him to the "commoners" whom he insulted with his hate speech. Let us deal with him, since he hates us so much. I have respect...
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    Happy 4th of July

    Thank you Americans, you cause there to be fireworks around my neighborhood and I couldn't even sleep in the night... great. :)
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    LOL ! ! ! Imran Naseem Catches Hell On WF For Stealing Someone's Idea!

    God answered my prayers... the snake has been cornered! I'm having a party tonight. Let's see how he handles this. Just like we all hoped for and predicted, his snake oil empire has come to an end! Shoemoney and/or DP's founder is next. :biggthump The CS scandal didn't destroy DP's founder...
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    YT comments F*CKED UP!

    i would be surprised if people arent stealing cookies [CODEwatch?v=kffacxfA7G4 [/CODE] dumb as hell, they could be banking but decide to attack jb. its a free for all on youtube, woooooooot
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    How much cash do you actually make autoblogging?

    700 daily from a bunch of shitty splogs in a shitty economy? What kind of witchcraft do you do? Anyway. Factoring in the new google update... I'm not buying it! Don't be a lying noob now... don't give us false hope.
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    Today is my birthday...

    Happy B-day. Keep snorting caffeine and all of your dreams will come true.
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    I need a quick £300 within the next month... I tried lots, I failed. :(

    I don't want to be a bitch on a early Saturday morning... but search the forum.
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    trying to break captchas

    Neural Networks. Neural Networks. Neural Networks. You can always implement an internet-wide porn-tube network to subjugate horny men into running your own captcha-solving empire. Is it worth it? Maybe not in the form of a porn-network but there are many different ways this can be implemented...
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    I'm moving away from browser bots, I need suggestions.

    You will run into JS in the future, something that you will have to deal with. In my methodology and setup I have PHP organizing and managing the entire program whiles I route all of the posting data and retrieval tasks through shell execution, to Ruby, through watir, and have the results...
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    G00b3r Scammer Details

    What a sad state of affairs. :swordfigh Might'swell give up on any hope of getting your monies back.
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    Being rich in the 3rd world

    The earth doesn't discriminate against wealth. I will be in the beautiful Mediterranean this summer. Greece is still beautiful, although broke!
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    Just installed Linux-Ubuntu!

    Linux is only intimidating to people who don't want -- can't have -- and aren't matured enough to have full control over their computer and its resources. Things like GUI are irrelevant, entirely irrelevant when discussing the usefulness of an operating system. Linux by nature is for people who...
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