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  1. justsomeguy

    Ever thought u could own your own Acai product?

    So I stumbled across this the other day: (ref link) (non ref link) Its a shop that gives you a fully running website, product and 24/7 help desk in order to manage your own product whilst earning a $40 commission for any sales. Was thinking...
  2. justsomeguy

    How many posts do your Autoblogs publish on a daily basis?

    5-10 by far the safest way to go!
  3. justsomeguy

    Why is this guy doing 301 redirect?

    Affiliate links!
  4. justsomeguy

    I'm a newb

    Haha I can second this ^ welcome! :)
  5. justsomeguy

    Need some good adwords campaigns

    Nah yourve got the asking for your 1st born child section.
  6. justsomeguy

    RSS Feed submitter

    Hay guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a website which provides an automated submission of your RSS Feed link to all the major RSS sites for you instead of having to do it manually? Thanks in advance.
  7. justsomeguy

    10,000 Real Human Visitors For Only $7!

    Just ordered 25,000 hits, will be looking forward to seeing them occur and will post on here to let people know how it went. With a bit of luck it will clear up all the confusion everyone seems to be having. :)
  8. justsomeguy

    My Target was 5000$ an year but i made it in 4 days - thanks to paypal

    very good congrats on such minimal effort for 5g's!
  9. justsomeguy

    How many networks?

    Yea it all depends what you want to promote and how your going to do it, a good look around any of the networks websites should quickly show how professional they are and all the info about them..
  10. justsomeguy

    How I PROFIT by $450 a day by using Adwords

    Hay thanks for the write up Sre94 very handy, have given this a go without much luck..
  11. justsomeguy

    Webshop making $100-600 a day

    It may be too nosy but i wouldn't mind finding out what product you are selling..
  12. justsomeguy

    Black Hat SEO Contest - Last Person To Post Wins $100

    I love this logic haha But what if you dont win??
  13. justsomeguy

    how will you convince someone you can make a living online ?

    I understand your concern a shit ton of people think we are either scamming ripping people and or being fraudulent. I get asked all the time is it legal? Best way by far is to go nuts earn enough to splash out and show them your doing well enough from IM not to worry bout a real job because...
  14. justsomeguy

    Bhw convention !!!

    Biggest problem I could see with a BHW convention would be all our lovely AM's coming along and deciding to ban our asses after the convention, their have been a few threads about something along these lines happening and main consensus as nice as it would be to meet up the best idea is to keep...
  15. justsomeguy

    Share your goals

    $100 a day clean simple and hopefully automated - end of the year. BMW E46 four door black/silver 2.5ltr w/easton supercharger 18's and leather. :)
  16. justsomeguy

    Black Hat SEO Contest - Last Person To Post Wins $100

    Gutted for the jerk above and below..
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