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    Marketing to Users

    I'm trying to figure out a way to market to users... the product needs to have a whitehat marketing strategy (or at least gray!) Any ideas?
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    *Howto* Own Google's 1st Page w/ Your Blog!!!! Simple Stuff !!!

    He did mention it could take some time, it's not instant. I've added a few and am actually getting a few clicks a day from those sites... so worth it on that part alone.
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    Installing wp-o-matic

    topcat, i just installed on a hostgator account with no problems. Maybe it was your version? uninstall and reupload a new one.
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    Make $500/day giving people free websites.. (offline marketing)

    Everyone's missing out on the great list building chances you'll have! Can find other affiliate products related to websites and push them... like, Miva, SEOWork, even stuff like Howie or other "gurus".
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    Internet Service Provider Change

    I've never transferred domains to another domain company. But I'd first change the domain to namecheap and then do your hosting.
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    Help With SMF Forum Needed

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    Internet Service Provider Change

    Sometimes I write like an idiot, well most of the time. Sign up for an account at hostmonster. Tell them you'll use your current domain name. After you finish the signup and pay you'll get a welcome email. In that email will be your instructions on how to login and ftp to your site...
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    Internet Service Provider Change

    when you join hostmonster you'll get in ip with a folder to use as a url... set your site up on that ip. Then when you are done, update your nameservers. This will jump back and forth between the two servers for a few hours. After a day or two you can cancel your host with crap isp. No...
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    Wanted: FAST US Web Hosting

    i've got some deals pm me
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    How Do You Make an Unblockable Pop-UP Sign Up BoX?

    I just added action popup to the downloads section. Probably my favorite one.
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    Wich Site Analysis Tool?

    Web CEO can do some work on files stored on your computer for offline checking.
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    SuperBH: Ban one's site from google

    From what I know it is impossible to ban someones site... As all the triggers are done by the site owner like content duplication, installing malware, etc.
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    Wich Site Analysis Tool?

    I use Web CEO to do a lot of my work, mixed with Google Analytics. Clicktale is exactly what I need! Thanks
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    Social Bookmarking != Web 2.0 sites - Someone Correct Me

    Well Web 2.0 is truly just a term for programming (like ajax) and having more user control of a website. So social bookmarking kind of applies, but Howie is talking about Squidoo, Hubpages etc. as his Web 2.0 properties. One of the best tips I learned from Howie's program is to do searches...
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    Help me guys regarding my site serp

    Is it all SERPS or just google? What's your server uptime like? Do you have a dedicated IP or shared? I agree with shockwave, the fact that the drop is so drastic and to happen only on weekends doesn't seem to be the typical google dance. To me that would be a +-10 not 1000.
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    ezine [6th day almost over...]

    Don't nothing wrong, sometimes it takes some time. Submit and forget... keep writing.
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    Made New Forum- Need way to Monetize it

    done deal ;)
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    Made New Forum- Need way to Monetize it

    Agreed. From everything I've read forums have the lowest CTR for adwords than any other type of site. Like this site, have you ever click on those ads up there? or even noticed them? But like most other things, build a quality product and you'll find a way to make cash off it.
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    Can Betting on the NBA be this easy??

    Man shut up. You got your point across that you think this is a scam. Now leave it be. As for the site. I'd track your progress over this season. Use that as a selling point for next season. You could offer a membership site or charge per game/day. Now if you are hitting 80% you can...
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