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  1. LostConnection

    Help me come out a sentence tell people like my FB page

    Please like my Facebook page?
  2. LostConnection

    what is Reseller Hosting means?

    If you need to ask that question from us here on BHW, you might as well steer clear, as you'd never be able to provide any sort of hosting service to your clients. Imagine if you came to us with all your support questions, that would be weird now wouldn't it?
  3. LostConnection

    Which is web hosting good ? for anime web

    Really now? Depends on if by "anime web" you mean you're looking to host videos, in which I recommend not hosting videos yourself, get a service like Vimeo and then build you website using a shared hosting service. Plenty of good web hosts in the marketplace, as stromind said.
  4. LostConnection

    Any BHW investing in stocks ?

    Regular monthly investments to ETFs and index funds in addition to investing in stocks in a rather passive, dividend collecting way.
  5. LostConnection

    Best coding resources for beginners?

    Codecademy does fall rather short of actually teaching you any real world skills. I've heard good things about freeCodeCamp: They have HTML5 and CSS3 courses to get you started at least. A word of warning though, JavaScript can be a real bitch, so trying to learn...
  6. LostConnection

    Spring Time When Love is in the Air

    Just adorable. I would totally try and pet the goose baby, which would most likely result in the mama goose beating me so badly I end up drinking by bread through a straw for the next month or two. Would still be totally worth it.
  7. LostConnection

    What do you blog about?

    I do male striptease videos on Chaturbate, but that's just for fun though.
  8. LostConnection

    How to make money

    Google's your friend, health is not a niche of mine. I've used MaxBounty and PeerFly.
  9. LostConnection

    Can you sleep when you have big plans?

    Score some blow and solve all your problems. Or... Just write down all your plans, try to get some sleep after you've emptied your thoughts and then wake up after a good night's sleep to tackle those problems.
  10. LostConnection

    First time buying a domain

    This. And also, does it infringe on any copyrights or did you agree to any specific terms when making the purchase? Any written purchase agreement?
  11. LostConnection

    How to make money

    Why can you not get a Google Adsense account approved? But as far as other ways go, health is a popular product category on Amazon, so dropshipping, affiliates or even FBA could suit you. Apart from that, online courses about health, ebooks, whatever you can think that would give some value to...
  12. LostConnection

    Making enough money to start a business

    Are you looking to make enough money to start a business or to start investing? Investing needs money, as does starting a business (if you do it legally). There are plenty of good threads here on BHW, just search around. Amazon affiliate sites, online courses, web design... Whatever you want...
  13. LostConnection

    Chrome browser warning

    Here you can find some pretty good explanations.
  14. LostConnection

    Fastest web hosting?

    Depends on what type of a site you have. For WordPress hosts such as WP Engine, Kinsta and Seravo offer excellent speeds and you don't have to use those rather poor plugins for caching when it's done correctly on the server side of things. And of course, bad code, large image files, tons of JS...
  15. LostConnection

    Regular members deserve Jr. VIP opportunities based on contributions, not bank accounts

    No apologies necessary my friend, if you wish to forego readability in favour of "big words" then go for it. However, great content and good formatting are not mutually exclusive. Now the who pays for it argument is at the heart of this whole thing, but not the sole aspect to consider...
  16. LostConnection

    If you make $5k-10k / month...

    Bitches and blow. Then after six months I would start selling my non-vital organs to support my ridiculously expensive cocaine habit and the three pregnant women now living in my apartment.
  17. LostConnection

    Regular members deserve Jr. VIP opportunities based on contributions, not bank accounts

    Finally some video evidence from one of his legendary fishing trips! I always imagined they went something like this, glad to see I wasn't too far off
  18. LostConnection

    Anyone have a reseller account?

    Not sure about their WordPress stuff, but they were sort of sketchy when I asked them about transferring away from StackCP if I wasn't happy with their service. They would have gladly transferred my clients in from a cPanel server, just not that willing to divulge if i was ever going to get them...
  19. LostConnection

    Regular members deserve Jr. VIP opportunities based on contributions, not bank accounts

    Please use more paragraphs next time mate, my eyes hurt from reading that wall of text. "the respect is earned it is NEVER given" is the sort of quote I disagree with, since if you donate Jr. VIP to an individual you think deserves it you're giving them your respect. Or at least I wouldn't...
  20. LostConnection

    What is your 9-5 Job?

    What's this bull about entrepreneurs needing to have money to invest to count as entrepreneurs? Anywho, currently working in a leadership role at a company specializing in managed/premium WordPress hosting and on my free time I do affiliate marketing, site flipping, web hosting, digital...
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