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  1. ericsson

    Free Scrapers - Tell Me What You Want!

    Hi, Mcdon! A form of scraper that can list available domains to register from a keyword list? /Jim
  2. ericsson

    RIP Pofecker

    Pofecker was truly indeed on of the guys i look up to when i first joined bhw. Been spoken with and Chit-chatted with a few times... Dont know what to say... Never forgotten - always missed.. For us in OUR hearts
  3. ericsson

    How can I turn $150 into $700 in a month's time?

    Easy! Hire a freelancer 4 hours/day and guide him/her to post your affiliate link in forums, facebook, social media sites, youtube 4 hours/day .. I bet u can gain 20-30$ day with that mate. (5-7 leads) through any CPA Network. Good Luck!
  4. ericsson

    Looking for adult forum posters (Need link views)

    haha lol!! .. why not buy a forum poster.. and post with it?
  5. ericsson

    Germany vs Italy

    Lol! ;)
  6. ericsson

    [JOURNEY] My Traffic Method for 100K visitors a day. Exclusive 100%

    Haha.. Even if a domain get banned from facebook. Who cares. You should have make 100 times that much as the domain cost. :)
  7. ericsson

    Any work for an 11 year old?

    It all depends on how skilled he is with computer.. :) I mean, learn him the basic first, like wordpress, html, banners, that type of stuff.
  8. ericsson

    Young person journey to freedom, [Live or Die]

    Also busted from the Burberry Lawyers, total cost of 700$ .. Nothing biggie, but i know the feelings. :) Well, good luck with your venture man.
  9. ericsson

    160K Email List Price

    I agree with the above post. :) - Harvested emails are worth 0 - ???$ haha.. we all can scrape emails so no biggie about that. But targetted emails might be worth something, OPT-IN, Double-Optin or even bought email lists from data management companys..
  10. ericsson

    Very expirienced web developer - looking to make some money

    Wrong section man.. This is not like a job board, where everyone can post their jobs, bla bla, etc etc. Start from scratch as everyone else in this forum. And after a while u might figured out the rules, and how everything is working in here. I mean.. 1 Post and u start already to get some job...
  11. ericsson

    Where To Outsource Simple Tasks [Daily Basis]

    Hehe, try to post it in the "hire a freelancer" section in BHW. :)
  12. ericsson

    Selling $50 Itunes card

    Rule: 3.6 Advertising to, or solicitation of, any member to buy or sell any products or services through the unauthorized or impermissible use of the Site such as PM solicitation. (Note: If you have something you want to sell on this forum, post it in the For Sale section).
  13. ericsson

    hello..need some help ... please
  14. ericsson

    My New Toy (Thanks to BHW)

    That must have been Imran Naseem bike, am i right?
  15. ericsson

    How to send 50,000 emails?

    botnet and a 10-25k yahoos emails would work ;)
  16. ericsson

    10 Private Proxys GIVEAWAY

    Why not :)
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