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  1. Detra Chambliss

    Affiliate Marketing.. Where Do I Start?

    Reddit has been an amazing source for me for sure. Research research research....
  2. Detra Chambliss

    Tamodo NETWORK..anybody know them..

    Anyone with experience with Tamodo Network, pls reply or check them out/ I need to know if they are paying .25 for their referral program still and wondering what their verification process is like. No answers from support from them. Thought I would ask here... their link
  3. Detra Chambliss

    will this work?

    thanks. But I am an American, stuck in Mexico. Physically unable to move for next 6 weeks due to a bad car accident down here. Weird situation, cant legally or physically work, wish that I could. Medical bills stacking up. Really just need cash to get home to USA, hence this pinky and the brain...
  4. Detra Chambliss

    will this work?

  5. Detra Chambliss

    will this work?

    So I desperately need cash, lol, like EVERYONE. I want to run this by everyone. Im thinking of- 1. Make free landing page or blog. 2. Place afiliate link there. (survey offer? or pay per free sign up like chaturbate afiliate offer). 3. Create a small job on a microworkers site. Drive that...
  6. Detra Chambliss

    A couple beginner tips, low cost/free money making methods for beginners

    Thanks for the epic post, very helpful! I want to run something by you - Im desperately broke- ha, and I need to make sime quick cash. I need to do a churn and burn project.( But Im going forward with a blog and long term plans too) I think I have a idea but not sure if it will work. Im...
  7. Detra Chambliss

    How do you get a US phone number to open a sms marketing services

    Textmeup on google play works fine. There are a few apos on GPlay for this purpose.
  8. Detra Chambliss

    Hi BHW!!

    Im an American woman living in Mexico. I have been a humanitarian worker, living with indigenous people in the rainforest s of Brazil for 12 years... Im setting off on this afiliate journey in hopes that I cant get some income going & live as a digital nomad. Havent been too worried about money...
  9. Detra Chambliss

    Looking for payper free sign ups

    I've got adult traffic & am looking for network or specific offer even better paying per free sign up. Like Chaturbate did a while back. (Super ignorant newb here, pls let me know if Im doing something wrong) Edit /sp
  10. Detra Chambliss

    Playstore Installs question

    same and following .......
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