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  1. easyroi

    Looking for GMB verification vendors

    Looking for more vendors to add to my list of suppliers. Comment or message if you sell already approved GMBs or provide verification services.
  2. easyroi

    How much shoul I rent 30 listing ?

    This might help determine the value of your leads-
  3. easyroi

    How did you EARN your First $100 & First $1,000 Online?

    Back in 2017 i made my first 3000$ by selling a motivational Instagram page i built to 150k followers using the then-popular follow unfollow method. The good old days...
  4. easyroi

    Best Cloacker for Local Search Ads

    Using cloaking on local search ads for keywords that require an extra step of verification might be a waste of time. Since the CPC for these keywords can go upto 50$ a click you can't even mention the exact service you are advertising in the ad copy, which ruins the CTR. But i might give it a...
  5. easyroi

    Suppliers Dropshipping 2023 -

    I quit dropshipping in 2021 to pursue local marketing so the suppliers i used may or may not be active. But my friend is a big time dropshipper still and uses (Not affiliated to them in any way)
  6. easyroi

    Suppliers Dropshipping 2023 -

    Spend some time in Ecom related discord groups. There you'll find agents from China who would source the products you want to sell from local factories and make sure the quality isn't shit for a small commission, and it would still be the same price as AliExpress or even cheaper in some cases. I...
  7. easyroi

    GMB SEO pricing

    There are a couple of good local seo providers in the marketplace section of the forum. Would advice you to take a look at their packages.
  8. easyroi


    Thanks guys!
  9. easyroi

    What GMB categories are considered SPAM?

    Basically any niche where people would require urgent remediation without going for price hunting. Example- Locksmith, you wouldn't call multiple businesses looking for the cheapest option if you were stuck outside your property.
  10. easyroi


    Haha thanks, this way people know right where my priorities are :anyway:
  11. easyroi


    Thank you! Looking forward to share what I have learnt through my experiences so far with you guys.
  12. easyroi

    Facebook And Google Adwords Ads Accounts With Spend History For Sale/Rent. Full Money Back Guarantee If No Advertising Spend

    Looking to buy a solid google ads account with history and spend. Hit me up.
  13. easyroi

    [JOURNEY] Building a Remote Home Cleaning Business and scaling to 40k/Mo Revenue

    I can attest this model works. A buddy of mine runs a cleaning/pressure washing business in Atlanta, outsources to contractors and makes 30-40k/month revenue just from his repeat customers after an year since inception. Wish you good luck.
  14. easyroi


  15. easyroi


    Hey guys, I'm Kay. Been lurking on bhw as a guest for months now, finally decided to make an account. A little about what I do, i basically operate a lead generation agency for local businesses (roofing, towing businesses etc.) looking to generate more jobs for their businesses. Has been working...
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