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    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    can you check on order 184808? I ordered the fast Facebook Like service on Friday because I needed it by Sunday night. Will continually order more if the service is good.
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    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    I just signed up to your site. Looking forward to using it.
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    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    This software looks great. I would like to use this with my own private software, do you have an API / external support?
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    [SB Case Study] Starting with nothing, taking it to the top

    Why doesn't the OP just give me his url, the keyword, and I'll get the site to #1 then?
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    [SB Case Study] Starting with nothing, taking it to the top

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this thread shows why Scrapebox isn't a good tool anymore. Your #17 after almost 10 days? For a 2900 search keyword??? Sorry but that sucks. You can get to #1 in a few days on such a low competition KW if you just spam Xrumer. The problem with Scrapebox and what...
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    If you live in Miami!

    What "hot" club are you talking about? The ones that let those jersey shore losers in? lol
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    Strong SenukeX Pyramid Structure? What Do You Think?

    Ramtripper could you PM me the XML? I want to test it. And I tell this to everyone but SB Links SUCK!!! Theyre all no follow and only good to mix with your do-follow shit, I would never ever blast my money site with SB links....with the latest Panda updates no follow is really no follow now...
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    Youtube Instantly Identifies Copyright? How?

    I just uploaded part 1 of the most recent episode of a tv show, and named it Soccer Tips or something stupid and the second it finished uploading it said it was copyrighted and wouldn't let me upload it. How in the hell do they do that?
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    Strong SenukeX Pyramid Structure? What Do You Think?

    First off never eat pussy. Second SB Links to outer properties shouldn't be a problem. Just another unexplainable SEO effect from Google.
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    vBulletin Storm, a new bot for vBulletin boards. ideas plz..

    All Xrumer does is invert the pictures and outline the letters, its not rocket science. As of right now Xrumer can't consistently crack ReCaptcha or SMF captchas. PM me and I'll test your tool for you if you want.
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    Strong SenukeX Pyramid Structure? What Do You Think?

    You have to test it to figure out, noone knows if it will work by just looking at it.
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    Scrapebox - Whats the worst that can happen?

    The most serious I've heard of is a $200 per IP fine that was put on a blacklist (stopforumspam etc.) I think it was SoftLayer, luckily 99.9% of Private Proxy providers use Ubiquity also known as the toilet of the proxy world - having their entire ranges banned from Facebook and Myspace. Now...
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    VenomSEO RELEASED! Captcha Solving SEO automation tool 3 DAY TRIAL RISK FREE!

    Does your captcha solve the new Recaptcha / SMF Captchas that have the letters boxed in by different colors? Xrumer can't decode it because it just inverts the image to try to solve it.
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    Anybody having another XSSERVER phonenumber

    My dedi with them has only gone down once in months....
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    Anybody having another XSSERVER phonenumber

    care to elaborate mindflux? why are you mad at them?
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    I got over 300k live autoaproved blogs, am i allowed to do this

    Blasting 300K Links to only 10K unique is pointless. Out of those 10K just pull the highest PR auto approve link and you'll have a much better list. You will get your domain blacklisted spamming the shit out of websites like that.
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    Whats the story behind SEO and domain names and IP addresses?

    Google can't penalize sites that are on the same IP, because then most sites in the world would be penalized, not everyone can afford to host a website on a a single IP. The only thing is if you are creating a linkwheel then you want backlinks from separate IPs. The guy clearly wants to charge...
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    In this thread: Post Angry Webmaster Messages

    I'll start off with a comment on the blog that I blasted 2 million URLs to earlier today. To my webhost: on my Blog: Hey asshole! You messed with the wrong fucking person! Wait and see!
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