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  1. saintrocco

    Scammed $300 by jhakasseo

    @BassTrackerBoats Hey I'm sorry I'm traveling currently, and don't have time to negotiate with @jhakasseo I'm only waiting for $300, nothing else. @jhakasseo offered to refund me $150... I was waiting for my money on January 21 when BTC rate was $32 000. Now it's $48 000 (50% up). So with...
  2. saintrocco

    Scammed $300 by jhakasseo

    @BassTrackerBoats @jhakasseo I didn't say you used your own FB account. I said that you were crying that your own FB profile got disabled as well. My English might not be good but bottom line is that I told you I do not want to work with that seller and I asked you to cancel the order with...
  3. saintrocco

    Scammed $300 by jhakasseo

    Found @jhakasseo here on BHW. Read his comments/reviews, thought he's a professional FB/Google Ads expert. Asked him to set up and run my ads. I paid him $300 for his service and extra $366 for BM account which he didn't get (apparently shitty people communicate with other shitty people), he...
  4. saintrocco

    [JV] Your Google/Facebook Ads skills + My Digital Items = $$$

    Answered to everybody UP UP
  5. saintrocco

    [JV] Your Google/Facebook Ads skills + My Digital Items = $$$

    If anybody is interested just PM me
  6. saintrocco

    [JV] Your Google/Facebook Ads skills + My Digital Items = $$$

    you're obviously don't have anything related to farming ads/cloaking, etc... your post is useless here
  7. saintrocco

    [JV] Your Google/Facebook Ads skills + My Digital Items = $$$

    Hi. I’m selling digital goods. Was selling for quite a long time, until Google got very strict and blocked both of my age accounts. I’m looking for Facebook / Google Ads expert with your own accounts. Who has experience with cloaking and farming accounts/having a supplier of good ones. Making...
  8. saintrocco

    Okay, here we go: I'm revealing you a method which makes you at least $25 per day. Good luck!

    Well this is something that I definitely should try. Thanks
  9. saintrocco

    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    I think all those hostings will suspend you with just one single complaint. I think there's a little hope with vds only
  10. saintrocco

    [Guide] The 11 Tips For Ranking Your GMB Easily & Fast

    Thanks man. Thanks for the excellent guide
  11. saintrocco

    My 19 Year Old Son Wants to Invest $200 in Bitcoin. Is it Worth It?

    Yes, definitely worth it. But let him invest for at least 5 years
  12. saintrocco

    [METHOD] How to Get Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts 2020

    For very beginners, but it has a lot of very useful info, even I got something new. Thanks
  13. saintrocco

    Can you create a Facebook Account with the phone numbers of your country?

    You can, just need to be sure that that phone number haven't been used once before...
  14. saintrocco

    [Method] How To Grow Your Facebook Group

    Very nice extension. Will install it right away! Thanks for help!
  15. saintrocco

    Btc is dying again :D

    Btc is dying again :D ... No shit :D
  16. saintrocco

    [GIVEAWAY] - Every BHW member will get 100 instagram followers

    Thank you. Will definitely tell my friends.
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