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    How I see NO COINERS everytime BTC fall

    Decentralization is the future whether they want to see that or not is up to them...
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    Extreme bear market plan

    Great buying opportunities for sure! Richard Heart ecosystem will explode in the next bull run, I can't wait!! Buy low, sell high and DO NOT leverage trade, it recks lives.
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    So many people are in loss by investing in bitcoins. Still why are some people still investing ?

    Now is the time to invest, not when it's up. When it's up that's the time to take profits. Buy LOW, when there is blood in the streets, sell high, when there is greed & panic. Very simple yet only a very small percentage of people do this which is why they are not successful in crypto.
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    Is the crypto used only to buy illegal stuff or is there more?

    Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance were originally started to get away from centralized (corrupt) entities like the Federal Reserve and away from fiat currency (currency backed by nothing but the government's decree). Defi is how humans can gain a sense of freedom and financial abundance...
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    I was able to partially gain my economic independence within less than a year

    Well done!! Keep grinding and you'll get there. Your success will start compounding exponentially and will explode overnight. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Best of luck!
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all!! Men are sadly, extremely undervalued today and are VITAL for healthy, functioning families & societies. We thank all the great dads for everything you do! Your legacy will reign.
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    Bitcoin just hit $19k!!!

    I think we'll see $11K very soon! Unbelievable buying opportunity before the next halving event in 2024. And yes, stop with the scams!! Invest in real crypto/defi assets.
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    Dropshipping from China

    Bring the items to the country you're going to ship from and build a brand around your product(s). That's the best way to be successful with dropping, a true brand people identify with and go to for the specific items you sell.
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    Bitcoin strong comeback

    I think we will see 11K before we see another ATH (check Richard Heart on twitter he explains it well). Follow the cycles... ATH will likely be around next Bitcoin halving event in 2024.
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    Strategy for lead generation agencies {Emails copy included}

    Interesting. What is your success rate with these?
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    Crypto users old and new read this.

    Crypto will have its next bull run in 2024 at the bitcoin halving. Millionaires are made in bear markets, so act now. Focus on tokenomics and game theory. Look up the Richard Heart ecosystem and projects. You'll be very happy you found them during a bear market. You're welcome :)
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    A reliable crypto source

    Richard Heart on Youtube is the best and smartest person in crypto hands down. No one else comes close. You'll have to get past him showing off his wealth, BUT he preaches delaying gratification, holding NOT trading (since traders are the losers in crypto) and has made more millionaires than...
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    Withdrawing Crypto --> Fiat?

    Why change for fiat? First, we're in a bear market so likely the prices will go up A LOT. You do not want to be short-sighted and fall prey to instant gratification. Depending on how much you have, you can truly change your life with your holdings. Fiat is trash anyways and in the US our dollar...
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    Can't buy crypto with Payoneer

    Be VERY careful purchasing crypto on Binance. Check the hashtag #BinanceStopScamming It was trending on Twitter recently and is a terrible platform that locks people's crypto indefinitely at times for no reason. Try Coinbase but ALWAYS ALWAYS move your coins from there to a decentralized...
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    What's your crypto nightmare?

    To block crypto entirely they'd have to enact draconian measures. While they might try, I think this is unlikely. However, if you're investing in projects that aren't considered "securities" you're even more protected. Like Pulse, PulseX, etc. CBDC will absolutely be enacted, yet these will...
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    Crypto Futures

    DO NOT leverage trade crypto, 98% of those who do end up rekt. Crypto is for holders, NOT traders. The infamous "God-Whale" who received 810,000 Ethereum the day Ethereum launched (on the Genesis block), paid tens of thousands and turned that into BILLIONS today. In a matter of 5-6 years...
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    Nasty NFT ¨Marketing¨ Tactics

    People hear NFT's, and since it's a buzzword right now, they equate that with being a good investment. Crypto has SO many opportunities to make life-changing money and personally, I stay far away from JPEGS. Find projects with great tokenomics, passionate communities and top-notch founders...
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    Best books for trading crypto?

    It's holders who make the real money in crypto NOT traders. 89% of traders lose money, no one disputes this. Delayed gratification is the name of the game. Put in buy orders when coins you like dip, say Ethereum. And sell orders for when they double or so. Don't get greedy. The top investor...
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    Where to hold your Crypto

    I wouldn't hold crypto on centralized exchanges ever. Not your keys, not your coins. MetaMask / Trustwallet for a decentralized wallet. Trezor hard wallet. A dedicated computer ONLY for crypto with an Ethereum Virtual Machine is another option. Look into Shamir Secret Seed as well.
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