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    Testing a monetization URL shortener

    I'm created a URL shortener that you can monetize. I just need to work out a few specs to allow monetization of links thru this URL shortener. Could you guys use it, or add it to your robot schemes so that I can test it and work out all the specs. In a word, Please spam my URL shortener, Use it...
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    Seeking guest writters

    Yea it is, and ofcourse its new I made it about a month ago. The benefit comes once the site becomes popular, You dont have to do it if you dont want to , but if you do, you know where to find me. Actually I have an excellent track record. One of my sites has over six million Unique visitors per...
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    Seeking guest writters

    If anyone wants to promote their SEO tools I can give you my site to do so. I need guest writers, Write something SEOich and you can put your links at the end, If you're interested comment on Fateria(period)con and dont forget that you can use my URL shortener for all your evil spamming needs or...
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    New Features for a Spammer Friendy URL Shortener

    My Url Shortener at Fateria(period)con has new features that allow your links to bypass the bans on reddit, stumbleupon and almost any social media. It has no restrictions or catcha so you can use it with any bots. It has other tools like RSS Feed generator and Backlink generators. Directory...
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    Fateria Six new tools

    After a few days, I've added six new tools to the fateria(period)con project I've been working on. If anyone finds these toos useful feel free to use them with any bot or in person, or whatevery, they are here for you guys. Let me know if there are any tools I should add. My next project is to...
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    What should I talk about?

    I've decided to add a forum to my Online SEO tool Fateria(point)con I was thinking of making an SEO blog and sharing some of the corporate secrets that allowed my sites to have such a large following. They're mosly white hat SEO tips. The question is, on an SEO forum, what exacly do people want...
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    Any keyword tools still working?

    I just created one for all its worth, on fateria(period)con , just look for keyword density or keyword analytic. Should work , i hope.
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    I'm new, Enlighten me.

    Sorry my friend, I have a personality that is just not compatible for forums, Its a curse, I admit. that and I'm a girl, and from what I read a few forums ago, one of the few here. I'm also a Google Beta tester for all its worth. I want to go on a tool frenzy, thats the whole reason why I came...
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    Added Twelve new free tools to my BH SEO Shortener

    Now that I'm part of Black hat world I decided to make a tool we could all exploit. Remember fateria(period)con. before it was just an URL shortener and that was very boring. not much you can do with that, so I decided to add the following features. If you want me to add anything else please let...
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    I'm new, Enlighten me.

    Not quite, I already have a site with over 6 Mill Unique visitors per month, I'm seeking tools to improve what I'm already doing. i get a decent amount of likes and +1 using regular promotion methods. But recently I started using a tool i found here and i got amazing results. I figured I would...
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    I'm new, Enlighten me.

    I'm new to black hat world. added my first tool a few days ago. now I want something back. tell me what are the must try out tools for free likes, tumblrs posts and whathaveya, I already know linkcollider. Give me more like link collider. or any other tool to inflate my backlinks or social...
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    A better .htaccess redirection algorithm for image farming

    OK here it is, make good use of it. just write this on you .htaccess Version 1 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^dobleu doble u doble u\.fateria(period)con\.con [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ htp://fateria(period)con/$1 [L,R=301] version 2 RewriteEngine on RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}...
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    Reddit Glitch

    Come to think of it, i've had to modified the method six time due to new patches. still there are some steps that cannot be easily replicated with a bot, or if they can, I just dont have the knowledge to do them. I'm new here, go easy on me folks, ive gotten that e = mc ^2 thing twice already. I...
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    Reddit Glitch

    I know lol, but its very tedious to exploit, and very repetitive, so it looks like its something a robot could make. The reason why I dont post it is that it could be patched if I just post it. Plus I'm paranoid that if I share it, and the person I share it, gives it to reddit I will loose my...
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    What should I make next.

    sounds like fun, I'm new to black hat so I really have no idea what a social exchange is. could you give me a few examples? this is as much a learning experience for me as it is a challenge. I'm a google + beta tester, I'll start with that one. I know it inside and out.
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    Reddit Glitch

    I exploit a glitch in reddit to get any post I want on the front page and get a ridiculous amount of money from each post, i've been doing it for years. and now that I discovered the black hat forum I want to share it with you guys. I figured you guys would appreciate it. I have been trying for...
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    A better .htaccess redirection algorithm for image farming

    I'm sure you guys already noticed that the change in google's algorithm has made images completely useless. meaning that images now take to the image location on google rather than the page they are hosted on causing ad visits to go down. I know how to bypass that. and its two simple lines of...
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    Just suggest a tool - going to develop it

    I need this asap and I've been trying to make it for ages. I want something that will scramble my IP from my browser. something like anonymex but that lets me use whatever IP I want. even made up ones. without having to go thru that 100 step process of changing IP.
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    What should I make next.

    I've always made tools and apps for white SEO. Honestly its boring, i want to try out making some black hat tools. Problem is that I have no idea what I should make next. I'm no Black hat expert. So how about this. Tell me what you need and I'll make it and put it for you guys to use for free...
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