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  1. hardybents

    Web Designing and Coding Service at Low Pricing

    YACHI is a rockstar..... She has built many sites for us, always a top notch design and a fair price!!!!
  2. hardybents

    ChatGPT have a pro version now

    You know a topic is a good one, when all the old accounts come out to play!
  3. hardybents

    ChatGPT have a pro version now

    Can anyone set up voice-chatgpt for call center purposes? I will hire you!
  4. hardybents

    Where Do you buy lists from?

    What type of lists are you looking for?
  5. hardybents

    Where Do you buy lists from?

    Such a vague question. What niche are you in? What lists are you looking for?
  6. hardybents

    Idea for business?

    if its a good location, find investor and develop it into economy housing. Go big, dude.
  7. hardybents

    *Amazing WordPress Website creation Service Including Affiliates - ad sense - eCommerce etc **

    Not a good experience at all. Graphics are good, do not have them code anything or give them access to servers! I have spent months cleaning up their mess.
  8. hardybents

    Post card question

    dont put your return address there. split the back 1/2. On the right side of the back 1/2 put the address and barcode and put the return address in the same 1/2. You can use the left 1/2 for whatever. You can even get away with using a small portion of the 1/2 where the return and address...
  9. hardybents

    Running a Call Center

    Why do you need a call center? And why do you think it will cost $8100.00. There are ways to have a highly profitable, very low cost operation. For around $1000-$1500 per month.
  10. hardybents

    Running a Call Center

    If someone will work for $2.18 per hour, it is guaranteed that their accent will turn off 99% of all Americans and you will waste $8100 per month.
  11. hardybents

    I am 17 years old and my dream is to be an Entrepreneur

    Find something you love to do, one that you have a passion for, one that you would do for free. Find the guy that is doing that same thing and is the most successful one doing it. Go meet him, talk to him, beg him to work for him cleaning the floors if you have to. Once hired, show up early ...
  12. hardybents

    Get past gatekeeper

    Does anyone have a fax machine anymore?
  13. hardybents

    Call Centers for Home security and Direct tv campaign..We are Authorized Dealer

    Your pay is too low. you want someone to transfer over a sale, to some guy taking a credit card for only $175? LOL. Then you sell it to monitronics, and get paid $700-1200 or more depending. People can do that themselves and make alot more.
  14. hardybents

    24 Hour Professional Logos ★ Quality Logos At An Affordable Price ★ Starting At $12

    Ordered the Modern: Got my 3/3 and very happy. WBS did a great job!
  15. hardybents

    Email marketing autoresponders f-cking PITA

    check out amazon
  16. hardybents

    Voice Changing App Or Software?

    How about one that takes an accent out and neutralizes it to an American or UK accent?
  17. hardybents

    What's your favorite closed thread on BHW?

    any thread this guy was part of, got banned....ahhhhh Josh Greenwood, King of spam. Those were the days.
  18. hardybents

    I am looking to start buying and selling used cars. ANY Help/Advice is greatly appreciated

    If you do not have your dealers license, get it, then do what every single other dealer does, go to auctions. I always thought it would be great to write script, and auto bid on every single car that was under the trade in value according to or like comparison site that has a...
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