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  1. 夢市片

    Australian AdWords threshold account working again :)

    This hardly makes any sense. Google has no way to make a link between a specific account and some "activity" if you are not logged in beforehand, whether it be through the browser or on Google. Really good question. There should be a sticky note on all these adwords related threads telling...
  2. 夢市片

    Australian AdWords threshold account working again :)

    And here we go again, another vague Adwords threshold thread. To OP, we don't know what budget/IP strategy you are using (and I won't ask you what IP you use because it needs to remain a secret). Just coming in on any subject and shouting out loud : "it works" is of no interest whatsoever. I...
  3. 夢市片

    Corona in India and some people getting false info about it

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information about your country, that you for sure know more about than other people. To those other people that have doubts about the numbers being given here: OP is living in India, and talks about India. You guys most likely don't live there. He most likely knows...
  4. 夢市片

    “We don’t know what’s in the vaccine” is so dumb

    Can we please, for the love of god, stop with those covid threads? You guys talking about it 24/7 are the same that will be crying after discovering that they are still quarantined after taking the vaccine, and that our economy is fucked. Discuss that subject on Facebook with people commenting...
  5. 夢市片

    Ban Covid-19 Anti Vaccination Posts

    Really smart OP, really smart (this is ironic). Posting a thread about banning some topic related posts, and what is your thread now about? Exactly what you want to fight. If people here were smart enough, they wouldn't talk about such things as "covid" or "vaccine". It clearly doesn't belong...
  6. 夢市片

    Why You are Failing with Facebook Ads and Dropshipping

    Just to clarify a bit my post, and what other people are asking aswell (if I understand correctly). The end goal of everybody here is to get sales, and that seems logical. When I was talking about watches, it was an easy example that came into my mind. My idea was the following (staying in...
  7. 夢市片

    Why You are Failing with Facebook Ads and Dropshipping

    I've been interested by running email campaigns for a long time, and I already tried gathering emails with an ad and the results were interesting. What I'm wondering here is the following: Let's say you run an ad about a discount. Issue I see is if you offer a discount, there has to be a...
  8. 夢市片

    All Threshold Accounts getting suspended

    To be honest, I think the most important is and will always be the quality of your payment method/IP address. Then, it always comes down to what you're doing on the account aswell of course.
  9. 夢市片

    All Threshold Accounts getting suspended

    Sorry to tell you that you're wrong and you didn't make enough research on the subject. Canvas Fingerprinting is partly based on the GPU being used. You generating a random canvas fingerprint that would show you using a really old GPU would make you look more suspicious than somebody else. That...
  10. 夢市片

    All Threshold Accounts getting suspended

    Everything fine for me personally. The real discussion should be about the longest review time, more than suspensions. I think people facing suspensions should rethink their setup, and increase its quality. And please, no mention of things such as altering "canvas fingerprinting/ user agent"...
  11. 夢市片

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Maybe ask him in PM? You said it yourself "Back to the covid vaccine discussion.". I'm really not sure trolling Kyle Martinez about his info sources is of any use. If you want to verify his statement, simply type "covid vaccine aluminium mercury" in Google, discover there is no result, and make...
  12. 夢市片

    The vaccine is rolling out

    See how that virus is dumb? Even people in that thread are going crazy about it. You want to take the vaccine? Great for you. If people die after taking the vaccine, I'll personally not care. If some people are dumb enough to take a vaccine for a flu mutation, go for it aswell. And if some...
  13. 夢市片

    Nurse Faints After Receiving Covid Vaccine

    So there are still people here waiting patiently for vaccines? Simply watch the death graphs and compare it to last year. That's enough to stop worrying. If people were respectful enough and didn't hug their beloved family members every weekend, less people would be crying about losing their...
  14. 夢市片

    Is Google Adwords Threshold method ~~illegal?

    I was dumb enough to do it during some time and never had an issue. Just to make things clear to people being worried. If you are, don't do it, it's simple. If you are doing it, just accept that what you're doing isn't really legal and that you could face the consequences.
  15. 夢市片

    VPN that allows you to pick specific IP

    Here it is: Just checked and it seems you can access it without having an account. You should beautify the file first for it to be more readable.
  16. 夢市片

    VPN that allows you to pick specific IP

    ProtonVPN does that. You can try them for free. Can't really remember if they give it in clear in the app (I think yes iirc), but if they don't, I can point you to their official json file that contains all their IP with respective access point names.
  17. 夢市片

    All Threshold Accounts getting suspended

    Complaining about account suspensions is good and all, but those threads are of no interest whatsoever. To OP, and other answering, what exactly are you learning by knowing that other people are getting their accs suspended aswell? You could have asked same question 5 months ago, when all this...
  18. 夢市片

    Make IPv6 Proxies?

    Really interested by this aswell. Found this repo that is quite useful Forked it, updated config, added it to a DigitalOcean droplet with ipv6 enabled, launched the container. Proxy is working, but unfortunately, even when I add some header rules, I...
  19. 夢市片

    Request Your Shopify Theme for FREE!

    Theme name: Blockshop Theme URL: Thanks a lot in advance
  20. 夢市片

    New channels are reposting my videos and i cant even stop them?

    YouTube had some issues recently with people mass spamming reports. That's the reason why honest people like you might suffer these days. Reports ain't as efficient as they were before, and the team behind that at YouTube needs to analyze deeply your report before striking the competition.
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