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    My Rant

    Use yourself as an ewhore. Such an advantage!!!!
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    I guess yours hang below your knee area and is like a horse penis when it's erected? :cool2:
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    WTF is up with Troopal and refunds???

    Now everyone is like that. You can always refund; just they'll try to make those efforts harder. I think with the bad experience of scammers (knowing their name and address - someone should post it to a directory) they have a no refund rule. Scammers are found everywhere; especially on...
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    Adult Friend Finder help

    Payout every week? Risky biz model. How bout the chargebacks? You don't put that on the users? You do shave cus how are you funding your chargebacks? You think the member will boost traffic if he's already sending max? trus; it's quite simple with AFF. They sign up as free, then if they like...
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    How to deal with a constant troll? Please help!

    Have new registered members approved. Also if you want to go more extreme ban emails created with hotmail, gmail or any other free service. Approve of messages written on the forum... The guy is just increasing ur workload by an hour a day unfortunately. Sucks though
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    Probably one of us

    That shit isn't even blackhat. That's scam & fraud luring money out of people without giving a product in return "Garrett said law enforcement officers told him they were powerless to stop overseas cyber scammers. because the offenders cannot be extradited to the United States." <= this isn't...
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    Anything you want to know about Thailand i can answer

    A question not asked; Why don't you spam? It's legal in Thailand lol. Anyway... I wish I was in EU and not in Asia. More hotties in EU and only a stonethrow away from Greek islands. How good is koh samui compared to the Greek islands, Ibiza, Magaluf etc.? I might take a trip to "Koh samui"...
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    Thief brags about stealing laptop on victim’s Facebook Account

    What a moron...Most likely the thief did log on to FB from his home connection as he can't spell PAWN shop. What an arse. I hope she locks the phone via IMEI and really f his day up. This is the reason why laptops need GPS signaling in them
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    Sad News For Me

    You basically found a method that worked; CL ;) Good job man glad to hear your achievement and the extra happiness you've brought into the family. Keep it up!
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    Does Adult Friend Finder pay?

    LOL..You send kids over to sign up and dont have a CC they won't pay out. Best is if you go with their PPS (with CC) ...the payout is the highest for that.
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    Today is my 25th birthday!

    What if he doesnt want kids? ;)
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    What separates affiliate marketers?

    Pretty much what you said. A lot of people in here are trying hard ways to make money via not spending a dime. Fact is if you actually want to make some bank that can set you off in the right direction it requires some initial investment (even losses) and some maintenance $$$
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    GoDaddy Targeted in Domain-Theft Lawsuit

    Godaddy only got a shabby procedure of transferring domains. That was their only "mistake". Can't put the blame on them. The guy who allegedly hacked the domain and transferred it is literally fucked. 5+ years in pen for 111k USD. I know I wouldn't trade that for a buttraping of the worst kind...
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    Michael Vick is an Eagle

    Nothing on Ray Lewis in self-defense shootout on Wiki Anyway...There's a HUGE difference between self-defense and breeding dog-fights. You SHOOT someone because you're in your legal right to if they're threatening your life...Anyway don't care to point out the obvious.
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    I want to start my own hosting company

    LOL..Who does sub-niche webhosting? Look at hive*locity, dedicated web, hostatree etc. - those guys spend advertising $$$ & they make their money back within 6 months. Just be able to have the resources and hope for the most uptime and no sh*t customers
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    Menotizing Facebook for Your Profits!

    Expect every noob on this planet to kill it now LOL
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    Google Hall Monitor Wanna Be

    Most likely whois all his domains and see if he left privacy protection out of one of them :)
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    Google Hall Monitor Wanna Be

    Most likely whois all his domains and see if he left privacy protection out of one of them :)
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    Anyone Got The Blackberry Storm?

    iPhone doesnt have BBM...Free chat service with all your business connections + friends. Great pushmail and the QWERTY on a BB is awesome (minus the Storm). Even now I'm starting to type faster by the hour
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    Anyone Got The Blackberry Storm?

    I know someone whos using the Storm...Only advice that was given; stay the F away from it. You type F, it'll come out as D. Not because you got thick thumbs but because the qwerty touchscreen pad just suck. Not developed. Not even for the newest Storm available. Bold breaks down too often (locks...
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