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    Best way to post Tweets (or RSS) on Facebook Fanpage?

    for facebook pages... look for the selective tweets app. that works best for me. otherwise you'll have to use social rss (or some other rss agg) to feed your twitter rss stream to your facebook page.
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    NoFollow Question

    just playing the other side here as an example: two sites both similar. site A has 200 **************** backlinks, 0 nofollow site B has 200 **************** backlinks, 100 nofollow are we to assume that because nofollows add zero value that both sites would rank about the same provided equal...
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    can you bypass msplinks? $

    check out:*dating they've bypassed it nicely. anyone know how?
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    How the hell?!

    ok, along the same lines, anyone know how this is done?? where are those msplinks?**ating remove the **
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    The Dreaded Google Sandbox - G penalties walkthrough

    cutts is the master of misinformation... new domains often see an early "pop" before settling down the ranks. not uncommon really. as for the speed of link building, depends on what kind of links you get. i'm sure if you made a startling breakthrough of some sort within the content of your...
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    Manual Directory Submissions to PR0 -PR8 Directories-Quality & Fast Results

    will take a crack with 2 x 100 directory submissions. details in pm, and payment sent. cheers.
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    after ranking 1,3 & 8 for some keywords for a week my site dissapeared

    a week? is your site just a week old? if so get over it.
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    Multiple Meta Keyword Tags

    why would you do that? i'm not sure about harm but it won't do any good. the "meta name=keywords content=XX" tag is pretty much a non-factor these days.
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    Anyone using YPN?

    copeac has lots of good offers, you just might not like them but other people might and might search for them in great numbers on yahoo. that's why you have to test. and remember, usually with higher payouts the higher the KWs, so your profit margin doesn't automatically improve because you are...
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    Anyone using YPN?

    well, that's going to be tough to do given your time frame which won't allow for much testing and the fact we are in the holiday season which tends to skew sales. what i would do is pick an offer on copeac. don't pick the ultra-hot, ultra-competitive like acai, ringtones or colon crap. type it...
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    which is best affliate that has email submit

    check out hydra, they have a crap load of zip/email submits. although earlier today (or it was yesterday) they sent me an email saying some of them were being paused. (i use to run them but don;t anymore.)
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    Anyone using YPN?

    i would do some more testing. 35 clicks isn't a lot. use that free $100, learn the YPN system, get more clicks and see what conversions you get. if after say 350 clicks or better still 1000 clicks you are profitable then ramp out. as long as you are "plus" that's good. obviously you can tweak...
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    How can I make more than one affilate account from one place?

    well if you are in the U.S. you could incorporate. set up a new business, get a p.o. box address, etc. cost ya about $200/year but you'd basically be a brand new entity.
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    Are You Properly Aging Your Unused Domains?

    i think this is good advice. if you have some good aged domains, instead of parking them just install WP, throw up 4-5 posts and let 'er ride (don't just leave the "hello world" sitting there alone!). think of it from google's standpoint: if google sees a parked domain, that tells them that the...
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    Quickest and easiest way to penalise competitor site?

    look into those ripoffreport/complainboard sites. they tend to rank very high. also, can build a hate blog on "<offendingcompany>sucks".com? and as already mentioned, buying a few "choice" links for the company in question and then reporting them down the road to google might do some damage...
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    Aged Domains

    if you can keep the old domain registration info the better. even better if it's hidden. if it's not i'd try and change the info gradually over time. i do think that if you make a complete registration switch overnight that it could signal a "new" site to google. who knows. and sure, biz get...
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    Twitter Help Please!!!

    get a lot of followers - usually entails you following people back but there are other ways. pop your website link in your profile. and as ^^^ says add your feed (if you have one) to twitterfeed. and if you want to really go crazy send a tweet out with a link back to your site every now and...
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    WH method - Web flipping!

    nice start... don't forget that time spent in creating the site, setting up the blog, the logo/pics and of course writing the articles should be factored in as well. so it's not as easy as pluck down $50 and get $300 or so back. time - might not a lot depending on your skillz - is an element...
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