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  1. DetectiveKenta

    Isn't marriage a terrible idea when our brains constantly search for novelty?

    I was thinking about something similar the other day. I can't even hang out with the same person for a couple days because my mind will wonder. People are like novels. Although it can take a while to read their whole story - and while it can be very interesting - there comes a time where you...
  2. DetectiveKenta

    BHW Jr.VIP ultra secret stuff (shhh ...)

    cocaine and hookers
  3. DetectiveKenta

    Need Advice on what to do to Make Money

    It could literally be anything. But here are some examples of things I've done in the past: Helped real estate company scrape real estate data and bypass captcha ($2500 project) Helped create a website that would allow real-time flow monitoring data for sewer system ($80k salary for 2 years)...
  4. DetectiveKenta

    Need Advice on what to do to Make Money

    It sounds like a great idea. Upwork is great because you can build your reputation as a developer on there. I don't have experience with Upwork because I just don't want to give Upwork a cut of my rate. However, If I didn't have any clientele I would start there. Regardless of the platform...
  5. DetectiveKenta

    Ignoring Members: I Find A Member Annoying. What Should I Do?

    Hey have you guys heard from @Zwielicht recently?
  6. DetectiveKenta

    [Sucide fuel] nobody remembers you if your ugly / not good looking, no matter what you do( blackpill)

    I would say there is some truth in what you're saying. However, you are exaggerating. Hear me out. I am what you would call a manlet. I am also ethnic in a very racist nation. However, I've had the pleasure of dating very beautiful women. How? It is because I know who I am and the things...
  7. DetectiveKenta

    I am going to hell for this method. How to make a million dollars a year and up using a YouTube exploit.

    The concept you relayed is simple. As others have asked: where is the proof? What are the details. This post, as of right now, is useless general information. Using microsites to up the view, sub, and comment count is nothing new.
  8. DetectiveKenta

    Why is BHW silent about the current volatile stock market?

    Not really the forum for that. Most members are looking for ways to make money so many of them don't have the capital to invest. I got burnt a little on GME but will hold and sell covered calls next week. We'll see what happens.
  9. DetectiveKenta

    Should I invest in Tesla?

    I would not invest into Tesla right now, unless you want to invest and forget about it for 20 years. There are a ton of manufacturing errors with Tesla. There's a reason why over 100k cars got recalled. They wanted to meet a goal and then did... with the expense of quality. Besides the above...
  10. DetectiveKenta

    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    I couldn't agree with you more. I also commend you from walking away. Don't idolize women or people in general. The truth is, it's our imagination and fantasy that sometimes get the best of us and it's not reality. Also Tinder is infested with shitty prospects. I mean if you want to hit it...
  11. DetectiveKenta

    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    I hire hookers regularly (once or twice a month) and there are several reasons why I do. I only hire premium hookers and they cost $500 / hr. Dating has changed a lot in the last couple decades. It's tougher for a guy to compete in this landscape where there are a ton of desperate guys on...
  12. DetectiveKenta

    What are your passive income money makers ?

    I've lost around 30k so far with GME. With AMC I made around 1.5k. I sold several put contracts for GME when it was $300. It's currently at $50 so I'll very likely (unless it shoots up +$170 in one day) get assigned and be forced to own shares of GME at a much higher cost basis. So to...
  13. DetectiveKenta

    How do I get clients as a web developer?

    As someone who has made over 400k pitching my software skills (with no portfolio / website), I'll tell you two things you need: persistence and sales personality. I would recommend looking at Craigslist / Upwork to find people who are looking for software services. It's a mountain to climb if...
  14. DetectiveKenta

    What are your passive income money makers ?

    You can google Youtube videos and find ones that are easier to understand and fun to watch. I personally like the theta gang videos that one member of the subreddit wallstreetbets made :). I would just buy shares if you have $200 - $300. If you have higher risk tolerance, focus on small...
  15. DetectiveKenta

    Made $700+ today, anyone else riding the GME train?

    I'm not in GME but pretty big on PLTR:
  16. DetectiveKenta

    Any money making ideas?

    Start your own website blogging about a topic you enjoy. However, make it informative, make it a journey toward a goal. Gain followers. From there monetization should be easy: affiliates, ads, subscriptions, your own digital product. You need to provide value and scale it.
  17. DetectiveKenta

    What is the greatest business secret in the world?

    People care less about a product / service quality. They care more about how that product / service will make them feel. Whatever you do, whatever you sell, make sure you make people feel better than they ever did.
  18. DetectiveKenta

    What are your passive income money makers ?

    Any Youtube video that makes it fun to understand option trading. It's really not that hard. You can also start with paper trading. I just learned by myself. It's not too hard. You should just try trading options for really low stakes. I personally never learn anything unless I do it for...
  19. DetectiveKenta

    How I became the richest person in the world

    You should start a religion. In all seriousness, you need people to believe in you and your vision. Then you can sell them whatever you want. How many people bought Elon Musk's short shorts that are just ridiculous and probably cheaply made? Thousands without blinking an eye. Once people...
  20. DetectiveKenta

    How would you promote a new website With $1000 investment

    If your website is brand new I would honestly avoid advertisement unless it's a ecommerce store. And you're confident your product will sell. If it is ecommerce and you have all your products and inventory, then I would do Youtube outreach and start your own affiliate program. Hopefully, if...
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