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    [Social Dominion+] The Ultimate Youlikehits Bot

    i just placed an order!! :) testing it nowwwwwww
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    Yesterday's attack penguin !!!!!!!

    my site hasn't moved either. i'll check and let you know tomorrow :)
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    New Facebook issue may mean selling PVA's is no more

    thats the problem with buying a bunch of facebook accounts. i'm teetering right now on which to buy and from who
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    Be careful of public proxies -warning

    i use nvpn ;)
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    [Free to Try] Facebook Non-PVA($0.25+) and PVA($1+) Account Creation 24*7 Online Service

    i got a trial. now i am torn between these facebook programs
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    Gamers.....What do you think of this PC ??

    you are a pretty cool dad!!!!
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    Any suggestions for a PEADO caught in a trap?

    dude, report this guy. imagine what he has done already..grosses me out man!
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    buy food online

    i buy food from amazon all the time. smoked fish :) and bulk candy for the kids!
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    Shit just got real.

    i just left the restaurant industry! but you will love it!!! :)
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    Anyone Need Demonoid / Pinterest Invites ?

    id' love to have a demonoid account! please :)
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    Being rich in the 3rd world

    I would be afraid to live in a 3rd world. Might get robbed.
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    Is this guy on bhw? He's living the life...

    i'm afraid to watch it because i'll get pissed. BITTERNESS! and JEALOUSY will take over.
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    I frikin Hit a Car ---- need your advise

    Hey brother, deny everything. If it's not documented, then it doesn't exist! When you checked out at the rental company, and they said you're good. YOU'RE GOOD.deny everything. :)
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