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  1. ferma231

    How To Make Passive Income With Facebook + DHgate Affiliate [METHOD]

    For anyone who wanna try this. You would make much more if you order the items from alibaba/aliexpress and sell items directly on FB marketplace. Nothing wrong with aff % but selling directly would make much more.
  2. ferma231

    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    I promoted HU via affiliate program. It was easiest money that was ever made, Tate made it very clear with his persona to sell. Found some screenshots my best day was close to 2.5k/day Some guys were making serious money there. 5figs+ a day. And value for $49 was quite decent , tons of...
  3. ferma231

    Andrew Tate best marketer of all time.

    Its sad to see all the hate for Tate instead you could learn from him and what he teaches. I got nothing bad to say because he does say some great things. about his University, its bomb as well, i joined there, and made decent money $10k+ within days. and thats only because i was curious and...
  4. ferma231

    $10K for panel Unban

    If you would be Monopoly, you would have 10k there are ways to unblock the accounrs, but be ready to pay all $10k UPFRONT then you might have a chance. other than that, guy who will do this job with $300 upfront is about to be scammed
  5. ferma231

    Just Made The Easiest $4K of My Life

    She probably ordered Brokers service. Ive done that before, cost like $70 or so with godaddy and they contact the owner, call him, get the price etc. Cool service. I also had luck when i sold just my IG username for couple hundreds. Some company was interested, and i knew they bought domain for...
  6. ferma231

    Google Ad Case Study: Review and Advice?

    I think you need to understand what people are looking for. im pretty sure that if they are at airport, they want quick taxi service and not to go thru checkout etc. if its advanced booking you should target people outside that airport, before they arrive. lets say, you have taxi booking in...
  7. ferma231

    Maximize Clicks or Conversion ?

    One is for clicks, other is for conversions. im 100% sure you can find this info in google but for click traffic it will show ads to people who most likelly will click on ad and for conversion ads they will show ads for people who are more likely to make conversion.
  8. ferma231

    Best way to invest $20K on Flippa

    Thing about flippa, from what im seeing, some people so out of their mind that its crazy. They try to sell sites that makes $0 for like $2000-$5000 which makes 0 sense. And if site is making some money, numbers are even crazier. So really look thru that and maybe you can make your own site...
  9. ferma231

    $10K to anyone who can Unban My IG

    I might know a guy that could do that. but unbanning first and then money is No-No
  10. ferma231

    [METHOD] $100/ A Day & Scalable (BLACKHAT)

    With such earnings it seems way too good. like some people said $500 CPM who even whould pay that much for redirect traffic filled witth ads. The worst traffic there is. In facebook you can get top quality traffic and maybe would pay $10-$20 cpm / $0.1- 1 per click and it converter well but i...
  11. ferma231

    How To Monetize Andrew Tate Traffic (98% Men)

    You cant use his Affiliate program, that would be best and you would have made quite a lot of money. There isnt really anything close to that rn. Depends how big audience you have. Best way outside HU affilaite would be other money making offers or quickly build your own offer/sales page...
  12. ferma231

    Journey To $1000/Day Running An OnlyFans Agency

    From what i know, bumble traffic is quite spammed. That could be the reason for low adds. They do have quite decent security and i assume they do block certain words as soft shadowban Also thing with dating traffic, they mostly want to meetup which is hard part to convert them into buyers, and...
  13. ferma231

    These solar panel affiliates really be paying out $900 per conversion

    They probably pay that only after sale is done, which is good amount. And its doable for sure. Solar panels are quite hot and have been for last years. Big competition there as well
  14. ferma231

    Elon--Musk ON Fire

    Elon is still smart af . He bought business, that is LOSING MONEY And if he can fire 50% of people and still function, i think thats needed anyway. Who in right mind wouldnt do that.
  15. ferma231

    1.5 MILLION Tweet Impression And 0$ Made !

    Is your traffic even suited for dating offers? seems that they arent even interested into that. you need to test tona offers and make landing lages to even see what will work and what not
  16. ferma231

    [JV] Your Adult Traffic - My Monetization

    Finally decided to make this thread as I have extra time in my hands. :smirk: Looking for anyone who can provide any kind of adult traffic. I have tons of experience in the field and I can easily increase your income. And if you use CPA im pretty sure i can get more $$$ with your traffic and...
  17. ferma231

    I have tons of tinder traffic - What to do with it?

    If its done right, you should easily get $1 per person on average. so with traffic you have you should be looking at $500+/day But it will take some time till you learn to what works and what not. Best route would be your own offer/lander or OF agency.
  18. ferma231

    Limited spending on facebook. What to do?

    Keep spending till your limits gets upped. You can try to email their support, but they will still say the same :)
  19. ferma231

    Journey To $1000/Day Running An OnlyFans Agency

    From experience i can say - If they dont buy, they dont buy. You cant convince them to buy right away, they wont do that even after years. Also pushing "meetings" is sure way to get into trouble because you cant deliver that and you probably know where that can lead.
  20. ferma231

    +50k/year with 1h of work a day [banked +200k]

    If its going so great, arent there ways to scale this? To get multiple sites like that and open your own network of sites?
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