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    Tube Toolbox

    Thanks for the link chemer. Will check it out. Am sure you can understand why peeps think you own the site though; you're posts do read like sales pitches whether you intended it or not. I for one will take you on your word though; have no reason to distrust you :) Apart from the fact you're...
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    Landing Page Optimization?

    May give this a bash with a few subdomains.... now to find a niche.... why do they make niche finding so hard.... :(
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    Social Bookmarking on 100 ******** Social Sites

    Hey Rugbyman; i'm new to this world so would love to take you up on the offer. Have pm'd you details and eagerly await your response.
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    *FREE* Digg's, Post your link *FREE*

    Hey all, N00b here! Opened up my own Usenet Information site (if you don't know what it is then check it out!) and have also used it to promote a freebie referal link :) Could you digg both my posts? I'll digg those above! Thanks...
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