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  1. ryeguy

    Whats The Most You've Earned on CJ?

    How about you just believe the guy? Who the fuck cares? What does he possibly have to gain from lying to you? He isn't trying to sell you anything, he isn't whoring some product that he uses, etc.
  2. ryeguy

    How do most people making landing pages?

    No, I mean a longer landing page. The traditional one. Testimonials, etc. Something like this: And I don't care about google. Pretty much every serious affiliate steers clear from google because they obviously don't give a damn about affiliates, the ones who...
  3. ryeguy

    How do most people making landing pages?

    Do you do it by hand with HTML? If so, do have any landing page pack (like css styles and graphics)? Or do you use software? If so, which?
  4. ryeguy

    Blocking Your Competition From Viewing Your Ads Or Landing Pages

    That isn't possible. How exactly would you be able to distinguish between a competitor and a customer? You can't.
  5. ryeguy

    Can I track clickbank conversions with a third party tool?

    Topic title says it all. I know I can track clicks using the subid feature, but can I track the actual conversions with tracking 202? Ie, does clickbank allow you to give a postback url or place a pixel?
  6. ryeguy

    Is it even worth promoting low payout affiliate offers?

    I'm completely new to PPC and I'm trying to start slow. I figured that the lower reward offers are less saturated so I'd like to do those. The offer I wanted to try has a payout of $3.75 - is it even possible to make profit on this? What kind of conversion rate RANGE is realistically possible...
  7. ryeguy

    Will paypal report my earnings?

    I have a program that I created and have been selling (link in sig). I've made a few grand off of it. I'm selling it through paypal (using's merchant store), so obviously my income is not being taxed. Do I absolutely have to claim this, or are the chances of the IRS finding this out...
  8. ryeguy

    Adsense or affiliate networks?

    How are people making decent money in SEO? Do most of the "high rollers" create MFA sites or are they promoting affiliate products? Which would be easier to dive into for someone new to this?
  9. ryeguy

    Goal to 1000 copies sales to my ebook!

    No, definitely not. Ebooks are garbage and most people know it. There are just way too many out there, and the only way to set yours apart from the rest is if you're a big name known marketer. Honestly, you'd be lucky to get more than 100 copies total. I'm not trying to be a dick, but I really...
  10. ryeguy

    What's a good source to find hot products?

    What are some good websites to find out what products everyone is searching for online? Right now the only two I can think of are Amazon's hourly rankings and Ebay's pulse. Those are nice, but they aren't comprehensive enough - everything in the top 100 is the typical saturated junk like ipods...
  11. ryeguy

    ThePirateBay Changing Owners & Going Legit

    Guys, they have 3.5 million dollars in legal fines. THAT's why they sold it. To the guy above..stop acting like society owes you something.
  12. ryeguy

    ThePirateBay Changing Owners & Going Legit
  13. ryeguy

    When should I just not try using a Linkwheel?

    When is it not worth trying taking over the SERPS when using a linkwheel? The #1 site is PR3 with 2.1k external backlinks. However, it isn't really keyword optimized at all and I can get an exact match domain. Is this realistically doable?
  14. ryeguy

    How many times should I link to my main site when using a linkwheel?

    I've seen that before, but what I was mostly asking is how many actual links (like <a href) I can have to one site from another? And the other questions in my topic.
  15. ryeguy

    How many times should I link to my main site when using a linkwheel?

    When building a linkwheel, how many times is it safe to link to my main site from one of the satellite sites? And when doing so, should I use varied anchor text or is it ok to use the same text?
  16. ryeguy

    My Own List of Very Profitable Keywords (PPC) $$$

    Oh come on. You're getting spoonfed already, you can't read the help on those sites? Really?
  17. ryeguy

    How to make over $10,000 monthly selling on amazon/dropshipping without any investment

    I don't understand what everyone is complaining about. The OP stated that selling a shitload of products for a small profit is NOT the way to go, and that you should concentrate on less items but bigger profit margins. So why can't you slowly work up your capital by starting out small? Find 10...
  18. ryeguy

    digital point alternative

    You should try using; I'm using it to sell software. It supports paypal,, and some others. It only costs $5 a month, has no bandwidth limits, and they do not take a per transaction fee or percentage of any kind. It's almost too good to be true.
  19. ryeguy

    How to make over $10,000 monthly selling on amazon/dropshipping without any investment

    Which "way" do you check for products to sell? Do you look at amazon to see what prices their products are at, and then looking for them cheaper at other online retailers? Or do you look for sales and the like at online retailers and then check amazon to see if you could make a profit?
  20. ryeguy

    How to make over $10,000 monthly selling on amazon/dropshipping without any investment

    You have to be careful to see if your retailer is listed on Amazon's Featured Merchants page. For example, I was looking at because they normally have decent sales, but the problem is if you go to the "Find xxx New/Used starting at $xx.xx" link on Amazon, it actually has a link...
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