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  1. SpectateSwamp

    Anybody here use Personal Search engines

    Example of matching lines only display vs in context... If you have lots of data to check. You need a good personal search
  2. SpectateSwamp

    Anybody here use Personal Search engines

    Answer my question damnit
  3. SpectateSwamp

    Anybody here use Personal Search engines

    My custom search has all the features I need. Does yours. Search results in context.. With the prompt box not covering the results. Search results with matching lines only showing (30 or so per screen) Search results can be put in an extract file. Search for a random video then play a...
  4. SpectateSwamp

    Legalized Marijuana: Business Ideas

    Become a distributor there will be thousands of products. They all need Sales People. There is no better way to administer tokes to Critters and the Incapacitated.. What a fun business.
  5. SpectateSwamp

    What Are The Dangers of Marijuana Use?

    Yup I use the Tokin Stone. One can even toke in the shower with this special rock
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