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  1. SpecsTN

    Why Google SERPs have become trash

    i bet you found bhw through google
  2. SpecsTN

    Why Google SERPs have become trash

    You're saying stuff with 0 actual proof. You've been hating on google for weeks now for no reason plus no one forced you to use Google ,if you don't like their services why not just fuck off. Most of us in bhw are eating because of google so whatever you're trying to do with your ANTI-GOOGLE...
  3. SpecsTN

    can i post in 2 languages in 1 niche ?

    So /ar is a whole new homepage in arabic and it takes you to arabic posts in this case?
  4. SpecsTN

    How much this site earns? Guess

    Easily 1-2k$/day. • Very high Cpc niche. • Click driven website. (Very high CTR) • huge amount of traffic. There's also smallseotools which is bigger
  5. SpecsTN

    Gaming Sites That Support Guest Blogging

    i need a fortnite related website for free HQ guest post let me know
  6. SpecsTN

    High paying Adsense niches

    Yeah bro its worth it , assurance niche for exemple cpc is 40$ lol imagine just having 1 lead a day
  7. SpecsTN

    Cheap hosting VS normal hosting ?

    So what's the difference between the 0.5$/month hosting like HostBlast vs 5$/month like godaddy ? i'm asking this because i got this when i was trrying to buy hosting from HostBlast "Your website will have its own private IP address. Example , this will make your website stand...
  8. SpecsTN

    Looking to buy cheap .com domain

    porkbun at 4$ and u can buy with btc
  9. SpecsTN

    UPDDIT.COM | Instant Reddit Upvote Panel | $2 Free Balance | Accs

    i want 2$ username: specstn
  10. SpecsTN

    Ninja's instagram got hacked..and some one is making banks

    so someone used ninja's instagram account to promote some CPA offers lol
  11. SpecsTN

    nudes of my girlfriend

  12. SpecsTN - 1GB $10/YEAR, Raid10 SSD Disks, Unlimited domains, DirectAdmin, Free SSL, PayPal

    holyshit i've been wasting so much money, great service thank you!
  13. SpecsTN

    $4 .com domains (Porkbun: Free Privacy, Fair Renewal Pricing)

    i can only use their nameservers for the SSL to be free whats up with that?
  14. SpecsTN

    Does anyone here have a Fortnite Channel?

    i'm looking for a shoutout to get my channel rolling ,if you do have a channel please comment how many subscribers you have !
  15. SpecsTN


    wow thats cool ,what type of videos u uploaded
  16. SpecsTN

    Increasing the Blog Traffic for AdSense Revenue

    Do you think that adding links to download free cracked stuff will get you banned when starting out? because this is what i'm doing with my blog and the ctr is pretty high. and for you question keep doing what you're doing to get that 8k per month and never stop targeting low volume keywords
  17. SpecsTN

    When will BHW become gender neutral?

    Thank you for this post! I found that having only 2 choices fcking offensif.
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