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  1. halfalump

    Fb cloaking?

    Per FB's own developer site:
  2. halfalump

    How to monetize traffic in the LOANS niche?

    Ask the company if you can host their leadgen form on your site and then post the submissions directly to them (host and post). This is how to maintain your rankings and still give their offer 100% exposure. Also, if you're working direct with the company, you should be paid much better than a...
  3. halfalump

    Selling $5 domains for $500

    I recently received this email: I immediately checked and found that the domain he was so kindly offering to procure for me was available for anyone to register. However, I'm sure there are a percentage of people who would see such an email and take him up on his deal without due diligence...
  4. halfalump

    [BHW Exclusive] Fake Captcha Script for Zip Submits (Warning: Super Blackhat))

    No advertiser would pay you for zip codes alone. The purpose of the zip submit is usually so they can show you advertisers who are looking for leads in that geographic region....For example, a list auto insurance providers. But if all they ever get from your traffic is a zip code that never...
  5. halfalump

    JV Need help monitizing off a foot fetish nich

    Kind of impossible to know how well an offer will convert without just testing it. It depends on your audience, what kind of calls to action you have on your site, how much traffic volume you send, etc. Also, some months are just slower than others. From straight search engine traffic based...
  6. halfalump

    JV Need help monitizing off a foot fetish nich

    foot fetish affiliate program or else make your own clips and sell them on clips4sale. 250 uniques per day won't make you huge money though.
  7. halfalump

    I have access to dozens of college girls willing to be on video, can it be monetized?

    Facesitting/smothering, tickling, femdom, cbt, clothed female/nude male, smoking, footfetish, pantyhose... All fetishes. All can be done non-nude and you can sell clips on clips4sale and similar. gfy [.] com can point you in the right direction.
  8. halfalump

    Urgent help needed for wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would suggest google. All these questions are well-documented.
  9. halfalump

    Urgent help needed for wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well okay then
  10. halfalump

    Urgent help needed for wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. halfalump

    Urgent help needed for wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have some kind of FTP client?
  12. halfalump

    Urgent help needed for wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably need to change the permissions on your wp-includes folder to 755.
  13. halfalump

    How I make 5$ a day

    I'm sure with a little creative thinking, one could automate this with iMacros, Autoit or similar. Or even outsource it for like $1.00 per post. Outline: - Make a list of popular image/video sharing forums - Search each forum for old but popular threads on topic of choice (niche works best...
  14. halfalump

    YouTube Mass Downloader - YouTube Mass Uploader - Mass Video Editor - Unbelievable Results

    Hi Sodevrom, I am about to purchase a license but I have a feature request that should be relatively simple to implement: After uploading videos, I need to schedule the bot to log into accounts and edit the Titles/descriptions/etc. of the existing videos (i.e. insert a line of text at the...
  15. halfalump

    [SB Case Study] Starting with nothing, taking it to the top

    Large, authoritative, marketplace-type sites will just about always beat Clickbank 100X over. They have the trust AND the best prices and people go there to shop! Even if they don't buy the thing you're promoting, there's a pretty good chance they'll browse to another Amazon product and buy...
  16. halfalump

    Long Term Targeted Adult Traffic

    Some of you out there know how to build a serious inflow of targeted adult traffic in a short period of time using exchanges, toplists, plugs, images, videos or what have you. For those of you who have done this, do it extremely well, can do it again, and can PROVE it, I need you to design a...
  17. halfalump

    Looking for Oakley Supplier/drop-shipper [urgent]

    It's not relevant. It's not like a big name or anything. Probably this guy wasn't even using his real name.
  18. halfalump

    Looking for Oakley Supplier/drop-shipper [urgent]

    Just got screwed by my current supplier and got left holding the bag on approx. 30 orders of Oakley sunglasses. Still early enough to salvage the sale if I can find someone good immediately. I need to locate a good, reliable supplier/drop-shipper of high-quality Oakley Sunglasses (replicas or...
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