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    Easy Earning With Micro Niche Sites Only $30

    I'm interested in package A, can you shoot me a PM and we can discuss further? Thanks
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    I spent 2 weeks making a video, 0 subscribers and like 100 views top

    Personally, I don't subscribe to anybody, I just go to their page. How is the retention on your views? Have you tried some type of call to action? "Like, comment and subscribe for more blah" or "Comment your favorite thing about this"
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    noob here. just point me in a general dirrection.

    I'm almost positive we have a ppd section on this forum, I'd start there if that is what you're interested in. Or even go back to that journal you were talking about in the op. Another thing is to not be discouraged if things don't pan out on the very first go. It can take some time. EDIT...
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    My days or working are over! Im retiring in the morning

    Oh man, this brings back some memories... About 5 years ago, I was working at an Animal shelter, and my co-worker got one of these emails, and he believed it. I tried my best to warn him, but all he seen was $$, and he bummed money off his mom (She's retired, and gets a small pension every...
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    How to make over $10,000 monthly selling on amazon/dropshipping without any investment

    This is pretty neat, I'm thinking about diving into it. The cool thing is I work in a retail store with a nice 10% discount on all items in the store. Bad thing is, if my company found out then I'd be fired for breaking my contract with the discount card :P
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    Wow...You Get what You Pay For!!!

    Haha, looks like Carbon Copies of each other :P My favorite, Thank You For a amazing offer of free downloads Ozzy Osbourne & The Video Ozzy Osbourne Interview Is cool, I would Love To See Much More Offers From you Soon.
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    Mofos exploting Haiti

    "All is fair in love and war." Yeah, the invasion of Japan by Allied forces was already planned, along with estimates of casualties, etc. "Operation Downfall" was the name of the plan. Two landing were planned on the Japanese mainland - one in November 1945 and another in March 1946. It was...
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    how many hard disk can we added in a PC

    Just depends on your setup. For external hard drives, you could theoretically have 26 (one for every letter in the Alphabet) unless you have an internal and a CD or DVD drive. If you have an internal HD with a CD/DVD drive, than you could theoretically have 24, though that would require alot...
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    I need to get over this girl. Big Time.

    One of my good friend's uncles wife died recently, hasn't been 3 weeks and he's already out hunting women... lol
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    Some native english speakers required (E-Book Review)

    Same here, I'd be happy to help work out the kinks, how soon would you like my review? As I probably wouldn't be able to look at it until later round 8PM CST tonight.
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    Where can I get lots and lots of youtube videos?

    Theres an Addon for Firefox called Download Helper or something, I just use that to get my Youtube videos off of Youtube :D Maybe there could be some sort of Contest. Person who either uploads the most videos or brings in the most referrals wins something? I think it would be pretty cool hehe!
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    Have you guys seen this place? 10 cents free to gamble... at $20 they will SEND YOU CASH

    At first, I was wondering how the hell they could afford to do what they do, but I signed up (Under you to be generous bro), and I placed a bet and seen where you could either A.) Go through some advertisements (Get up to 50% extra on bets) or B.) Don't go through advertisements Naturally, the...
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    Worst Mother Ever. You have to watch this Xmas Video.

    I understand that the boy got the Xbox later, but still....What point was she trying to prove? It's the nature of a child to peak at his presents, fuck I'm 20...I get that urge to do it! The mom may have seen of her son peeking at his present as wrong...but she surely isn't on the right of...
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    How Do I Know If I Was Abducted By Aliens?

    Those sick bastards! 100 billion assholes getting probed and they STILL are NOT satisfied. I say we revolt and wear chasity belts O_O
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    NOOBS: Get Paid $50+/hr Ez Offline Marketing

    This is a pretty great idea. A slight twist could be that you have multiple directories, 1 general town/city directory and then 1 niche-specific directory for example, Main Directory = New York City Sub Directory Automobiles Retail Fast Food Dine-in Restaurants Pizza Places etc. tell them...
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    D.C. Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight

    That's funny as hell from both perspectives. All I can say is "Haha, damn"
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    Just got a threating email about scrapping

    What would be even more funny was if we all went to the OP's site and left a comment saying "Dude, somebody else is copying your site! Look! (insert assholes link here)" LOL
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    5 Demonoid Invites!

    Private Torrent site, it just came back online after a few months of downtime, so they won't seem like much right now, but it's (in my opinion) one of THE best sites.
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    5 Demonoid Invites!

    All out of Invites :(
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