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    Need someone to bump my thread at DP nd do a Simple post!

    I want somebody with an old DP profile to bump my thread in Digital point forum and post a simple post as reply like asking a question or anything. Will pay 3$ just for that instantly to your paypal account. PM me for more details
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    Going to a sell a product on DP,testers needed

    PM me with your email address. Also do someone know where else apart from DP can I sell black hat ebooks. I heard Warrior forum dont allow black hat stuff.
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    2000 youtube accounts FREE

    Hey can I have 10 accts PM already sent thanks
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    Going to a sell a product on DP,testers needed

    I will leave this Ad open for 3 hour and I will give the review copy to people who contacted me.Might as well be good, if you reply to this post, if you want to ask for a review. This is my first ebook and this method has made me some money with Adsense, I thought I'd like to sell this script...
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    Going to a sell a product on DP,testers needed

    Hello, I am in the process of finishing a product which teaches you some unknown black hat method of profiting from adsense using a script which I am providing with the product. Before I am going to request a DNS share in this forum, I'd like to test it out with some of the Pro-JV...
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    Any Online Hotel Reservation Booking WP Plugin or Software?

    Is there any guide in the internet explaining the same on how to have the blog connect to payment processor like by paying by Credit cards etc
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    how to find the blogger template name of competitors Blog?

    I know how to find the theme of a competitors or any WP themes theme name when I find helpful themes in some WP blogs. Similarly I need to find the blogger template/theme name of one blogspot blog which I saw. When I check the source,nothing is mentioned any where,the name of the theme which he...
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    Any Online Hotel Reservation Booking WP Plugin or Software?

    I never used Joomla.Is there any plugin or something like that in Joomla.Can you provide a good guide on how to use Joomla retaining all the SEO features which Wordpress have?
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    Any Online Hotel Reservation Booking WP Plugin or Software?

    IS there anyway that those plugins helps you connect to the payment processing system so that the customers could pay online? Do anybody know how do the payment system online works for most offline businesses?
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    Any Online Hotel Reservation Booking WP Plugin or Software?

    I am trying to market my Website and SEO services to a local Motel. But they are asking me if I can help them with an online reservation and reports so that customers can book online and the payment will be processed through their system and also through online they could see all the room...
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    Have A CPA Question? Ask Here

    Can you recommed some good themes which you use for creating Sites that has CPA offers on it. I have been trying to pull my heads off trying to find a perfect theme for the CPA offers. Do you mind sharing some of the WP themes-Paid/Free which you use to promote CPA offers so that it will give me...
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    Have A CPA Question? Ask Here

    Do you promote just one CPA offer from 1 Site or promote several offers using one Site?
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    Have A CPA Question? Ask Here

    Can you answer this question?
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    Have A CPA Question? Ask Here

    Do you normally promote CPA offers using a landing page or a normal bloggy looking WP blog full of posts promoting different offers?
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    [REQ]FB Quiz application Script like this.

    I want a FB Quiz application script like this I was just browsing something and this came up in a popup box and I would like to implement the same by making the visitors complete one simple Quiz and then have them redirected to a CPA offer. If anyone know anything about...
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    Living 5 miles from ebay/paypal

    I am living 5 miles away from Ebays head quaters in san jose and my friend is working in that building as a Devoloper for ebay.Let me know how I can use him. If anybody wants some help,just PM me. All I am asking is some help in setting up my mail servers for a project thanks
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    So how do you monetize it?Using Content Lockers.Now a days when you do a google search you can see all the latest Football Videos and nobody will bother to fill up some surveys to see it from our spammy looking Site or is there any other way that you would monetize the Site?
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    Is the method all about throwing up some youtube football videos,putting some annotations to click the link below to watch the full football video and monetizing it with content lockers? I tried this method long back and earned 500$ during Fifa World Cup,but the conversions with content lockers...
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    List of working youtube view increasers

    Is there any working youtube Comment bot please post the list
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    WPSynIT-BETA - Free Auto Backlinks for Wordpress

    I am interested in being a beta tester. I am already a tester in a corporation testing applications lemme know if you allow me to test your application.
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